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Well I deleted my post because as I read through the forums, I see that SD is in fact a pain to deal with and I don’t gave time to continue messing with them. Plus I didn’t want my first post to be so blah. So let me first introduce myself -

I’m Claudia - in Central Indiana. I am a new Notary, attempting to become an NSA/LSA…well, I already have my title producer’s license as required, now it’s about finding the work.

I have 35 years of customer service, print and digital marketing, graphic design, and web development experience. I run an ecommerce website where I sell mine and others’ artwork on tshirts etc. My parents were both notaries, but they stuck to general notarizations. Growing up, my family was very civic-focused. Becoming a notary was always in the back of my mind; life always had other plans. I was a real estate agent in CT prior to moving to Indiana which is where the desire to become a signing agent started.

So now I’ve done all the work, the learning, the certification, bought the printer, got insured, been trained…I’ve done all the right things. And I feel like I’m still doing nothing right.

And that’s where I am at. I tend to be on the chatty side so eventually as I get steadier legs I’ll try to chime in more.

Nice to be here for now.


Heh… I was in the process of responding when you deleted your previous post, so I will answer what’s no longer there anyway. Most want ONLY NNA’s BGC, which is available without being a member BUT you really have to poke around that site to find the info.
Before you do that, I’d suggest that you search the zips you intend to serve and find out how much competition you have. Lots of newbies everywhere and high interest rates have combined to make this job m/l a loser lately. Read this forum 'til your eyes bleed and you’ll see what I mean.


@theamigaagency :partying_face: Welcome!

There is MUCH to review, absorb, process, learn, etc. within the database of the Notary Cafe forum. Yes, there is much “gloom & doom” during the existing cycle for this business sector . . .

The information is a GOLDMINE!

Most members express that they find it difficult/NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to locate the Search Function in order to access the wealth of information available within the database.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.


Accessing the database to locate information about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . . :crown:


I’ve showcased a few very helpful threads & posts for you to begin your journey into the database. Happy Reading! :nerd_face:



Thank you. My expectations are realistic so I know huge success is not going to happen right now especially since I’m not 100000% ready. I have a realistic target end date of December 2024: If I can’t get off the ground by the end of the year then I will know I was not meant for this.

I still want to get the RON certification/license, but I’m self financing this path and funds are nonexistent til I get at least a few general notarizations under my belt. Plus I have other services I can try to garner business with first - right now it’s a chaotic state of flux(and a little bit desperation since I haven’t had a paycheck in a month and it’s affecting my family).

I understand what you’re saying about market saturation but that’s never really a deterrent for me because several factors are always true on the both sides of the transaction. On the notary side: People quit, people die, people move, they retire, they lose interest, they’re too busy with appointments to meet a new client etc etc.

And on the client side, young people buy houses, old people sell houses, people retire, people die, they come to the country, they leave the country, they get divorced and married and life happens…so they will always need notaries.

My experience with snapdocs left me questioning if even THEY know what they are doing. My bond is right. They keep telling me it’s not. My background…my whole life is squeaky clean…I’ve had it checked numerous times from all three states I lived in. My STATE recognizes me. They keep telling me it’s not good enough and I need to spend MORE money to get a MORE thorough report. I don’t know wtf they are looking for. I GET IT, I wouldn’t want my closing trusted to someone incompetent and unprepared and with criminal intent. It’s insulting; the three states I have lived in have found me free and clear of any criminal records, PLUS the national database. I’ve read how they treat others and they definitely need me more than I need them.

I also have no intentions of joining the NNA. When I started in photography, everyone told me I would never get business if I didn’t join the PPA so I did and the only thing it did was bleed my bank account. I still managed to be a preferred concert photographer in my region. These organizations market it as if you can’t or won’t be legitimate unless you join, and this is exactly what great marketing is, but that’s ALL it is. Indiana doesn’t require me to join them to be official in their eyes so why should I have to? It means I have to double down my marketing efforts and that’s ok.

I do not lack confidence either in myself or my ability to be a great notary. I’m just…ready…I know the docs, I’ve done mock signings with my husband and kid. I’m ready. Just tired of scaling every mountain only to find another one.

Okay…will try to respond here - as for the above - yes, notaries MAY always be needed - however, there will always be notaries out there who will take whatever is thrown their way and not command a fee commensurate with their expertise and the requirements of each assignment (i.e. “$60 for a loan package is better than sitting home making nothing”)

As for establishing a business - it usually takes 2-3 years for a notary’s business to reach a point where it is self-sustaining - due in large part to the individual demographics and, again, that competition who will take anything that comes their way no matter the low fee.

GNW will help you sharpen your general notary skills (which, IMO, is the number one thing any notary should do before jumping into loan signings)…keep in mind that, per your handbook, you can charge $10/notarization and you are limited to the federal mileage rate in charging for travel.

As a last note - you refuse to join the NNA - okay, I get it, many of us feel the same way - but understand that most companies who contract signing agents require NNA BGC and certification. There’s no getting around that and it’s been like that for years. You don’t have to be a member, but you will get listed on their signing order list, which will help you. You can search here for feedback about NNA - believe me, it’s plentiful. Some praise them, some think they can do no wrong…some of us have disputed that and don’t like them at all.

Sorry this got so long-winded. I think you’re taking some of the criticism too personally. Sadly, if you want to break into this successfully, you’re going to have to “do what you’re told” temporarily with many of the databases in order to get work and get the business you want.

Best of luck

Concur :100:percent with @LindaH-FL :partying_face:

Again, concur :100:percent with @LindaH-FL :partying_face:

Once more, concur :100:percent with @LindaH-FL :partying_face:

Yes, one more time, concurring :100:percent with @LindaH-FL :partying_face:


All EXCELLENT, professional points conveyed accurately & concisely. Thank You. :crown:


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Please let me clarify that I did not take the previous response to me as criticism. If that is how my reply came across, that was not my intention. I have been pursuing and researching this path for well over 2 years; I got my TPL in 2022 but I started a FT job so I never followed through on the notary part.

I didn’t step into it lightly or without giving all the angles their respective consideration. I have to work out my thought process, and this how I do it. Now that the notary business is listed in Google, I can focus on the added services I can provide.

I have to run - I do appreciate all the input. Thank you.

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I never took it as criticism - to me it did not come across that way. However, IMO, the one thing I see in your posts (and please don’t take this wrong but this is how I see it) - you are pushing back against company and platform requirements - they don’t like that, as you have experienced.

Again, I wish you luck

If you’re looking for something right away that uses skills similar to notary skills, you might look at the websites of counties, cities, or villages near you to see if they have clerical positions open. I don’t know about Illinois, but in Vermont all city and town clerks, and their assistants, offer notarial services.