Hire Notary Service

Has anybody used Hire Notray Service? They charge $49 a year but you keep majority of signing fee/

Don’t pay them any fee. They are crooks and will NEVER send you an order. I fell for their BS and paid and lost my $49. You have been warned :unamused:

Stupid me paid the $49 with offer to cancel within 30 days as offered. Noticed as soon as this company received all might dollar they don’t speak to you again via email or phone. I used original offer for contact and complained about their lack of service and wanted a refund. Also, stated I was reporting them to WA State Attorney General’s Office. Got my refund the next day. I usually never pay these up front fees except organizations such as Notary Cafe, etc. Must have been bored that day. From now on holding my breath to pay any fees for anything and doing what I usually do and wait 48 hours.