How Do I Get More Signings?

The number of available signings in any given geographical area will vary depending on current market activity and notary saturation in that area. Due to the nature of the industry, there is no concrete way to guarantee that you will receive a certain number of signings each day or week.

That said, there are ways to increase your business’ visibility, which may help increase the number of signings that come your way:

  • Review your Notary Cafe profile to ensure that it is complete, make any necessary additions/updates.

  • Register with more signing services. As many as you can!

  • Follow-up with each signing service with whom you are registered with to ensure that your registration is still in good standing. Are all of your credentials up-to-date? It doesn’t hurt to also ask if you can be added to their preferred signing agent list, if they have one.

  • Complete an additional training/certification course to give yourself a competitive edge.

  • Try marketing to local lender and title companies in your area.

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