What Kind of Printer Do I Need as a Signing Agent?

Your printer is one the most important pieces of equipment that you will purchase for your business.

Things to consider:

  • It must be a laster printer - laser printers use powdered toner instead of liquid ink and are less expensive to print from compared to inkjet printers.

  • Monochrome is OK - printing in color isn’t necessary, so purchasing a monochrome (black & white) printer is a great way to save money.

  • Dual-tray is best but not required - most document packages will include a mix of letter and legal size pages. Having a printer with two trays, one loaded with letter and one with legal, will make printing much easier. There are ways to print mixed-page packages with a single-tray printer!

  • Speed matters - An average loan document package may be anywhere from 75-200 pages and you will usually be required to print two copies. Consider the pages per minute (ppm) of any printer you are considering. Time is money!

Can I buy a used printer

Yes, you can buy a used printer but keep in mind that it may be difficult to estimate how much life it still has left.

Before buying a used printer, consider…

  • Is the toner it uses still available to purchase?

  • How many pages has it printed in its lifetime? This can usually be checked on the printer itself or in the settings on the printer’s desktop driver app. Ask the person selling it to check for you.

  • Where was it stored/used? For example, has it been sitting idle in a garage or shed? Exposed to extreme temperatures?

  • Has it ever been repaired? What was repaired and who did the repair, the owner or a licensed repairperson?

What’s the best laser printer for signing agents?

The best printer is one that fits your needs and is in your budget. That said, many signing agents chose the Brother HL-L6200DWT monochrome laser printer. It fits the bill for a signing agent’s business needs!

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