How many printers do you have?

Hello everybody,
I just came back from a long vacation and started to run the will. After taking 11 orders for the next week, I realized that my printer Lexmark B2865 is creating a problem-printing lines of dots all over my documents. Customer service will send the part needed in mid of next week. I ordered one from another supplier to come Monday and even though my printer wouldn’t print correctly until the earliest of Monday afternoon. My question is: how many printers I should keep in case to relay on them? Talking highspeed printers with two feeders? Did any of you had such experience?

I’m practically new at loan signing, a little bit over a year, but soon I learned that in this business 2 is better than 1… so, yes! I have two printers, my first one, a brother DCPL2550DW multi function, and my second best investment is another brother, HL-L6400DWT dual tray. Couple of months after I got the first one, I got stuck in a middle of scanning some documents, and it didn’t want to operate (now is doing great) but as a result of this little “incident” I followed the advice of @LindaH-FL, to separate the printer from the scanning or copying, in case the printer’s stop operating or something happens to one of the functions. I started to read other NSAs experience and the reason why is a good idea to have an extra printer. In a rush I use both printers and it’s been fantastic the ease and save of time.

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IMHO, it’s critical to have a backup. This being said, the backup doesn’t have to be a twin of your main printer. Actually, it makes more sense that it be a complement to it. Say you have your main dual-tray machine… if you experience a last-minute breakdown even a tiny single tray laser that can print form mobile devices (some are slightly bigger than a shoe box and only weigh about ten pounds) will be a hero even though you’ll have to split the PDFs by page-size. Plus it can serve you in many other ways. Say you have a faraway closing at 4pm and another one near that one at 6:30pm, but you haven’t received docs yet for the second and have to go. Bring your tiny printer and blank paper with you (no laptop needed) and you’re all set to plug in at the signer’s house, café, etc. You could also decide to carry it all the time in the trunk and it’s extra backup for a botched doc or quick error that you can reprint on the spot. Downside is that the per page cost of toner on these is a bit higher than beefier machines, but again, for emergencies… pffft.


I separate all mine as well: have 2 scanners also. I just am thinking that I should have 2 with 2 trays printers. You never know what can come up and kill the deal. For how many signings this Brother is good? Can you give me an estimate?

have a 1 tray Xerox and printed a split tonight, but it is very slow and of course something went wrong with it also. So I will cancel one from my tomorrow appointments because I am not sure I can handle 4 signings and will hope that the part I ordered will come. How do people do it on the road? Where do they connect? Do they use generators?
For how many signings a printer is good? Approximately?

BluePenNotary, I also am from an year in this. These Brothers is hard to find now. I will buy higher class refurbished probably. What you think?

I tried to buy the super famous brother HL-L5200DWT but couldn’t find it, supposedly was on backorder, hence I went to brother’s website and they don’t show it anymore as one of their printers to buy. I believe pretty soon is going to be discontinued and the one I bought is going to be a replacement for the old model. Works the same, very fast, but can’t give you an exact average because I don’t do as many as you, I do signings as an extra, since I have another my full time job. I’m retiring in a year or 2, and plan to do this full time then.
Sorry if I explained too much :sweat_smile:

Refurbished are very limited in guarantee, as per what I saw in Amazon when I tried to buy refurbished. With 3-5 signings a new printer pays itself.

I count to buy from a reputable local store. People are happy with them. So I count to go to visit them and buy a second big machine. In this business this is part of the business. Right?

I have a Brother HL-L6200DWT (dual tray) and recently added a Epson WF-110 for printing on-the-go. I also have a Brother MFC primarily for scanning, that I purchased long before becoming a signing agent. I love my HLL6200. Printing is fast, the drum is long-lasting, I pull the reports on the status/life cycle of the parts every 6 months.


I myself recommend the Brother HL series of printers (5200 or 6200) and the Epson scanners (ES-500w for office and ES-300 Mobile). Rule of thumb is to have something that prints/scans 20% above your workload. However, I do not recommend utilizing the same device to both print and scan from. In most cases if one of these features malfunctions, it will prevent you from using the other feature as well until you get it repaired/replaced. Also, once you find that “perfect” device you are comfortable with, I recommend the backup device be the same this way you don’t have to “relearn” a whole new device, buy separate ink/toner, etc. Also as a side note, a growing amount of lenders are requiring docs to be signed in blue ink, so its a plus that your scanner scans in color so they don’t have to wait for the hard copies to see that you followed instructions.

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All you say makes good reason to consider it. I should buy a second Lexmark. You are right! Thanks. For scanning in color: never passed my mind. Will do it from now on. Thanks for this one as well.

I have 4 printers 2 laser 2 desk jets. One of the desk jets is small and light weight so I can bring it to a closing if needed. I don’t use the lasers for anything but printing documents. The other desk jet is for scanning, faxing and making copies.

I have three printers and two scanners. One of the three printers is a back between my brother (who’s also a SA) and I. When my first one went DOA, I was lucky to find another so I could keep the business running. That close call made me by a spare. I already had the scanners in my inventory.

Have been agents for 20 years . Get the refurbished printer HP 4015 from Saen he will send it out right away and you will pay a very low price with a brand new (trying to remember but I think either a toner cartridge or a fuser). Its been years but I just know that the interior thing is over $300 brand new and his printer with this thing is much less in cost. Just call him and he will send it right out. 949-289-1646. Let him know Eileen from Sonoma referred.
We buy the rebuilt cartridges from Supplies Guys - get the big one as it will last a long time. Prices are a bargain. I save 1,000s of dollars every year thanks to this:
HP 4015 high powered and dual tray - runs fast like a champ. They are over $1,200 brand new (that was about 15 years ago so the new model is probably even more ) - no need to do that.
64X toner cartridges high yield
The rebuilt toners are a fraction of brand new and the supplier is very responsive if you ever get one that perhaps makes marks on your paper. Will replace at no charge and fast. They have lots of sales and I ususally buy 6 cartridges at a time. Hope that helps
I cannot express enough how important it is to have 2 working reliable printers if you are a signing agent. One of the biggest mistakes we made was to only have 1 . These printers are so fast and reliable and inexpensive that the cost to have 2 is less that the loss of income from having to give up jobs because the 1 printer is malfunctioning in any way.

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Running two printer if you have enough closing to off set the closings. Brother 6700 with Extra tray for legal. Work horses, about $600 on amazon. The draw back you must always use brother drums and toner it does make a difference.

I have a Brother HL-L6200 and a 5200 as a backup. Been using after market ink/toner/drums for 3 years. 2 high yield cartridge’s on Amazon for $25. I print an average of 1200 pages a week without any issues.

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Right now I have a HP dual tray M-507 at my office and when I am not at my office and take on another job I resort to Office Max or Office Depot for my printing needs. They give a deep discount if you are part of Prestige Notary. Around $10.00 to print 150 pages!
Someday when I get a new car, I will consider a hatchback with a printer and scanner just for my vehicle. But I would need to get more jobs to invest in this. I am not quite there yet. Been only doing this for 6 months or so.

Hi Ann, Amazon is where I get my printers- usually around $300 & I think they also have refurbished. I always get the Brother Dual-tray printers. Very easy to use & I get tons of signings so I print a lot. I have one that’s 6 yrs old, one that’s 3.5 yrs old & one that’s less than 1 year. The most recent is the 6200 DTW? that some of the others have mentioned. The middle one (5200?) & oldest are my backups, & I’ll use them to print the borrowers copies- that way I get my printing done quicker.

My brother MFC7860DW has been a workhorse. I have a Zerox 3215 still in the box just waiting because I found it for like 99 bucks.