How Much is Your Time Worth? Refinance Signings

I’ve stopped accepting refinance signings for $60 or $75. I figure I invest between 4-6 hours per signing between downloading and printing 2 sets of documents, driving to the clients house or meeting place, doing the actual signing, driving back, scanning and preparing papers for FEDEX and driving back and forth to FEDEX to drop off the package. This doesn’t include the cost of paper and ink and your car expenses. What is your experience?


A wise decision. I never have and never will. The service is getting paid $150-$200 to then send the order out to you for $60 to do all the work. They then make $90-$140 off of exploiting your labor. You are not an employee so they don’t have to provide you with 401k, insurance, benefits, gas, company car, etc. You assume all those costs. So you aren’t even making $60 at the end of it.


I don’t understand why you took those signings in the first place, it’s not hard to figure out that it’s not worth it.


I have new NSAs who take these not knowing there’s a $50 fee that goes to the Law Office. This is due to a quirk in Texas Law.

Hi, I in my sassy but serious way I would like every loan signing agent to be aware of what you are worth and the power you have to not settle for anything less with the mind of having the reality of life. I have received notifications from signing companies paying what an electric company charges to keep my laptop useable for 8 hours. Huh, with no choice to pay that or have another company counteroffer,andb and wanting to keep my cats living in the lifestyle, they are accustomed to (a selfish way keeping me safe) I realized this I had to pay the bill.
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ny who thinks can walk into a restaurant with a $10.00 bill to order a FILEG MINGGON

Re fi $100 -$350 depending on distsnce ,size of package and scan backs
You have to make $50-$75 /hour

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That’s all we been trying to tell the newbies all along!!! Maybe we have to stress that to our seasoned NSA’s too!!!

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