How much to charge?

I am filling out a set up package and they are asking for fee amounts. I’m in Georgia, a fairly new signing agent and have no idea. Can anyone help? Or is it a fee based on the page count?

Only you can set your fees as only you know what you need to sustain your business, along with your personal financial upkeep if this is your main source of income (and I hope it’s not).

That said, I hope you’ve been advised that Georgia notaries cannot do loan signings. It’s in your handbook. However, it’s been said Georgia notaries CAN do loan signings for out-of-state properties. I have not confirmed that.

I’d be curious why you decided to join this “profession” considering the state of the real estate market at the moment…which is kind of flat. Although, living in FL I hear GA news and I have heard recently real estate is picking up there - which will have no bearing on you as you can’t do signings on GA properties.

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I know I set the fees, I was just looking for a GA notary to give me an idea on what is normally charged.

@3dnotaryservice Great question! :partying_face:

I concur :100: percent with the professional insights provided by @LindaH-FL

In addition, you will benefit greatly by referencing this thread with detailed data regarding how to calculate your Fee Schedule:


Sorry to interrupt, but the current IRS mileage rate is 67 cents. Some other items to consider are paper, toner, pens, folders, your time, printer, scanner, etc.

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@rangeloro17 Hello - the thread was created in 2023. Edits of the original thread aren’t possible per the Notary Cafe platform.

If you take a few moments to review the posts for the current year (2024), the correct CURRENT rate is already present on the 2024 posts after the IRS made the new rate available (see the following post) . . .

The items already listed are:


Hello lovely,
You stated you are fairly new. I would advise you get some training and understanding first. I would like to invite you to a wonderful Facebook group called BGWN and is all about the notary world. We are efficient, knowledgeable, and we have state specific education training available. The group is a caring group of wonderful women in this industry. If you’re interest.

I am a failry new notary as well, a new signing agent actually and i would love to join the facbook group BGWN. I am trying to learn as much as i can to grow my business. I live in Virginia.