How to get on amrock

how do i sign up for amrock platform is it a certain time of month? what are they requirements?

I just gave them a call the other day to try and join, they require at least 1 year experience as a notary. I’m not sure about any other requirements (other than the usual commission, E&O, etc.). Hope this helps some. Their number is (888) 784-2514 email:


I sent them an email requesting to join their network. They said that they required 1 year of experience, and I thought nothing of it since I only had 1 month of experience. A few weeks later I got an email from an Amrock Agent saying that they approved me and they sent me an onboarding package. Within a week of completing it, I took the classes and was doing signings. So it depends.


You’ll make it with them @marcus.pittman
They are a very well put organized company. Always check your scores with them so you can be in their top ones to be called.

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Thank you @BluePenNotary . They kept me full for the month of January, but for the month of February, I have heard nothing from them except for last week when we had over 10 inches of snow here. After the snow left, they went silent again. All of my scores with them are A-. So I don’t understand why they are no longer sending business my way.

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They are doing lots of hybrids and offering training to NSAs that are interested. They called me last week to ask me, I said yes.

You are right. I love those hybrid signings. And the training is good and simple. I may contact them to remind them of my availability. But one more question for you while you are listening. Did you accept the fees that they gave you on the form, or did you ask for more? I was not sure at the time what that going rate was so I just accepted what they sent.

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At first yes! Now I ask, especially when they call me I negotiate $125-$150 and up. I’ve gotten from them $200 for a refinance. Not long ago I got one in my town, for $100 and 17 pages only.

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Always negotiate your fee, don’t put yourself in the low ball bin. I must say also that I have my full time regular job, and I don’t fully depend on this to support my family and I.

I’m going to start doing hybrids, but first must take the Pavaso training they recommend. How is it?

Wow! Thank you so much! I was taught by my class to begin taking the lowball offers for the first 15 to 20 times then I can begin negotiating up. I have been doing signings since this past December. And I have not made any mistakes with anyone. I will begin now because I do agree that the market should be set so low. I have not taken Pavaso training yet, but the hybrid signings through Amrock are great. It really makes the forms easier to handle and an big relief on printing. Mostly the only forms I have to have them wet sign are the acknowledgements and everything else is done online. I need to find a SS to recommend me for the Pavaso class since Pavaso will not accept you unless you are recommended.


Well, you already have your 20 signings, just be wise.

I certainly will. No more “low-ball” offers. Thank you very much.

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Start asking at least $100, value your time and expenses. When Amrock calls explain to them if it’s possible to give you
$110-$125… remember THEY CALLED YOU. That’s what one their agent told me " if we call you can ask for more than we offer on the app" :wink:

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I got you. And I will begin doing that as of right now. You have been most helpful!!

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I called them last week and was told they are not excepting SA in NC right now and to try again in 3 months. They also said you need 1 year experience. Sounds like a good company to get with so when I meet there standards will definitely peruse trying to join them.

Some areas seem to be more saturated than others, just keep applying to other companies.

Ask Coast to Coast to recommend you to Pavaso.

Do they Service CA? What do you mean class? The NNA signing and loan signing class isn’t enough? What do they pay?

I don’t have a year of experience either but am still thinking of applying with them. It says if you don’t have a year experience to send a professional resume. Did you do this?