I-9 Forms, what is the deal?

New notary here, so please forgive me. Just trying to learn.

I hear a lot about adding the I9 service, but it does not need a notarization. I understand that you could get other business like a copy certification from it. Why are notaries getting paid for this service? Is it just basically just to walk the signer through the form, like they would a loan doc?

Most of these are contracted for government owned companies that require strict background checks, security codes etc…, the notary provides the extra security while also being the eyes to verify birth certificates etc… Not sure if I answered your question.


Just be careful when certifying copies. Check your Secretary of State Notary Laws to make sure first you are allowed to and what documents you are not allowed to copy certifying

I was contracted by an SS to do an I9 only as a witness. If you are walking them through filling out the form that falls in line with a licensed document preparer and again i caution you to check the rules with your State so you dont get into trouble.


Welcome aboard! The Form I-9 does NOT require a notarial act , therefore you must NOT affix your notarial seal impression on it. You are signing the form in the capacity of an Authorized Representative of the verifying employer, so it is recommended that you indicate “Authorized Representative” as your title, not “Notary Public.” It is an Employment Eligibility form, and you are merely verifying the persons identity, and that the same person was given and filled out the form. Basically, anyone the employer designates as the authorized representative can do this, it doesn’t have to be a notary. I think it just makes them feel more comfortable/secure having a notary do it being they can’t do it themselves. On a more important note, check you state laws (SOS) to verify your even permitted to do I-9 assignments. Additionally, for your benefit (and my 2 cents), because it is not a “notarial act” it SHOULD NOT be recorded in your notary journal, but I HIGHLY recommend you record it somewhere (like on a spreadsheet or something). Hope this helps!


You have to be licensed by the state as an immigration specialist to do I nines

So no notaries cannot do i-9s unless they are authorized by the state as an immigration specialist.

This will keep you out of trouble

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I’m sorry but that is not true for everyone.


Only California requires notaries to be recognized by California as an immigration consultant (or have certain other qualifications, such as being a lawyer) to do I-9 forms. Other states don’t have this requirement.


Link: Who can help with an I-9 in California? - Totally Notary and Vehicle Registration Service

In August 2014, Debra Bowen, the then current Secretary of State of California determined that the I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) issued by the Department of Homeland Security was an immigration document and as such, only a licensed and bonded Immigration Consultant could assist with its completion in California.

Previously, remote HR departments would direct their new empolyees to seek a local notary to assist with the I-9 and to document the identification documents the new hire presented. After that determination, it became illegal in California for a notary to act as Authorized Representative for a remote HR department. Instead, the new employee would need to locate an Immigation Consultant to help them.


Again, another example of CA being “special” here. It amazes me on how a state can dictate through their STATE laws on how a FEDERAL form should be filled out. Even the creator/owner of the form (USCIS) does not require one to be an “Immigration Consultant” to fill out their own form. If a notarial act is not required on the form, how can the state regulate notaries on it? Explains why CA is the only one I guess!


I-9’s, as other’s have written, is not notarized. You are acting as a representative of the employer, and years ago I read that you should get a copy of the employer’s letter requesting your services & keep that with your records. (It’s similar to keeping a copy of the confirmation of a signing).
You do not make copies. That’s the new employee’s responsibility. (A birth certificate cannot be copied because it’s already a copy). Once again, you should check your state laws on copy certification. I understand that some states removed that from a Notary Public’s duties.
You do need to see the original ID forms, not copies.
I think CA is the only state that restricts who can complete this form, but it’s best to check with your state.
Be sure to charge enough to make this worthwhile for you. There are some signing services that only want to pay $30 or less for these. Some of these assignments are done electronically now, so that can affect how you charge for the service.
I only do these if I’m contacted directly by the employee, not through a SS.

I stopped doing them. They just do not pay enough to do!!

(CA) Why can’t you charge more? Fee restrictions imposed by your state?

Company N-3 Notary only pays $20 to $30. Not enough to be worth my time.


I actually pick them up for $30 if they are done in an area that i am already in. Some cases that the signer has to drive a bit to me but i always keep it in the town it was requested for. I always make them convenient to my schedule. I normally do about 3 a month and no extra traveling at all.
Cant be running all over town with these new gas prices.

Bonds in the state of Calif for a Immigration Consultant are over $1500.00 and is based on your credit report. I have had this for over four years now as a Notary and its well worth it