I am looking for a scanner that is compatible with Windows 10. I have a Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, HL-L5200DWT but not the scanner. Any suggestions, if so, why the particular scanner. Thanks

I am looking for a scanner that is compatible with Windows 10. I have a Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, HL-L5200DWT but not the scanner. Any suggestions, if so, why the particular scanner. Thanks

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Epson ES-500W, works great!

I use a HP Pro 400. I will print large Package in 3 to 5 minutes. If anything has too good of a scanner. Have to compress. documents sometimes. Thing is a rockstar

I’ve been using a Brother ADW 1000 for several years. Tough little machine is small enough to tuck into my bag, has an ADF, uses Bluetooth, and runs just fine on Win10.

I just bought a Brother ADS 1200 (the updated version of the 1000) and gave my 1000 to my business partner.

In my office, stationary printers are both the Brother 6200DW (printer only) and the Brother 6800 DWT (multifunction). This allows me to print two copies at the same time, and to scan large amounts very quickly. It also ensures that I am never without a working printer.

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May I suggest changing your scans to black and white, and reducing the DPI to 300? This will still produce a clear scan, while cutting the overall file size.

Just a suggestion.


I have Epson ES-300WR scanner, which works fast, is portable, and functions wired or wirelessly. I now have 3 printers: Two dual tray Brother HL-L6200DWTs and an HP triple tray laser Jet M452DN. Having At least one backup printer is VERY useful when you consider that the high-volume demands of printing for NSA work puts an enormous burden on these printers. With only one printer, when defects arise your work will stop while you are attemptIng to diagnose and repair your printer malfunction. A spare printer of the same make and model lets you buy the same expendable materials such as toner cartridges And drums so that your supply stock is interchangeable. Another significant benefit of having two printers is that the low-cost printers are not built for what is called ’continuous duty cycle’, or constant use. When you are printing 100+ page documents, these printers get very warm and it is important to provide a cool down in between printing jobs to prevent print quality degradation and damage that will result to the printers.

For medium to high volume continuous duty printing, expensive work group class printers would normally be preferred, but these end up costing in excess of $1300 at purchase and their Materials maintenance costs are much higher. I chose the Brother printers because they are extremely inexpensive monochrome printers and if managed well, seem to provide very reliable performance and low-cost maintainability. If one gets to a point of having a critical malfunction, then the replacement cost is so low that it is very affordable and you just move forward.


I think any scanner that you can feed a stack of mixed-size loan documents to would work just fine. I have monochrome Brother laser printers to print loan docs, but the scanner I use for scanbacks is actually just a HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 all-in-one printer/scanner/copier that I already had. The ability to scan docs IN COLOR seems to be important to lenders and title companies who require scanbacks.

I use a epson es-200. I scan and upload while at signings. Best investment ever. No longer going home and then scanning. I go from signing to FedEx/UPS.

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Canon imageFormula R40!!!

I have a Brother ADS-1500w it is wonderful and compatible with window 10.

Hey my fellow notary partners
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sick of it!!


I use an Epson ES-400 works great!

Hello, I use a Brother ADS-1700W and love it! (Going to check out the Epson ES 400 as well.)

Try to look for the Fujitsu Scansnap ix500 or ix1500, if this is something suitable for you. Staples.com may have it available.

Definitely the Epson ES-400 or 500 series. Running the 400 for 2 years and never a problem, fast and efficient!

I just upgraded to the Brother ADS-1700W. If you are going to invest in a scanner might as well get one that you can take with you to signings. I am actually able to schedule an extra signing a day.

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I just purchased a EKO Scan Zen, after suffering too long with feeding single pages into a ScanSnap. Open box on Ebay for $100. Easy install, blazing fast, choice of software for scanning.

Hi, this seems very efficient. Can you please tell me more about your set up? Do you bring a laptop with you as well to send the scanned docs? Or do you email/upload scanbacks when you get back home?

I use a Brother ADS-2700W. It’s a desktop scanner but really too big to take along. It works well and fast and has different settings to choose from. I run Windows 10 on my computer. I might consider purchasing the Epson es-200 or 300 after watching the demo review on Youtube…