I need a second Notary/witness for a signing

And this signing is tomorrow (5/12) at 530pm. My bank is closed and I can’t reschedule for earlier due to conflict with my other job. This information was not on the initial text, but showed up after I accepted the signing. The question is how to get the witness and 2nd notary? This is a GoGreen Notary signing. I’ve done many other signings which seem to require a witness and additional notary from the lender and/or settlement agent. Of course, docs are not ready yet. It’s a sell package. Help!

I don’t understand - why do you need a second notary?

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I don’t know. Here’s the message: “A few of the documents require a 2nd notary. The signer will NOT have a witness available at her home. The notary will need to provide the 2nd witness.”

It’s not clear what they want, I’ve left a message for GoGreen Notary. Docs are not ready yet. I’m frustrated with this process. I think I just need to bring a witness, just not sure.

Well, I suppose you’ll have to ask them (or TELL them) what your fee for providing a witness will be. That should’ve been disclosed on the original order.

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Looks like that’s a typo and they need witnesses but I would clarify with company. It is up to signers to get two witnesses there unless you agree to provide them and then there’s an additional fee to pay the witness you bring. Does your state allow you to act as witness AND notary?

Also meant to add…if hiring party DOES want a second notary…for whatever reason…it’s their responsibility to find a second notary tbat is acceptable to them…JMO


They clarified we do not need a second notary. Yes, I can be a witness in Maryland. We need two witnesses though, so I’m brining my sister who lives nearby. Always these curveballs after you’ve accepted an assignment…

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I have conducted closings at my local FedEx where I’m known. One of the FedEx employees will witness for me. I’ve done this in a pinch a few times.

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Good idea! They definitely know me!

Client supposed to provide the required witnesses, if you are allowed to be one of the witnesses in your state and you are bringing a witness since the client can’t provide, then I hope you charge accordingly for the additional witness that you are bringing. I would ask for between $50-$75 more. Sometimes, title or SS will blast out a witness signing request and they pay another notary to show at the signing location with you, and you do your normal loan closing and the other notary only there to witness the client sign.
Again ask for more for the witness you are bringing.

They gave me 25.00 more for the witness, who was friend that lived close to the signing. 110.00 total for the signing which was sell package only, we were finished in 20 mins. It was ok, all things considered.


The witness usually charged them $30-35.

Awesome! At least you got a little more! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Recently I got a similar call. The fee was $75 for only a few pages (two notarizations) but the catch was I had to bring another witness. I thought that was strange. Shouldn’t the signer provide their own witness? Since I had no one to bring, I declined. Even if I did, the fee would have to go up to compensate the second person’s time to travel with me.

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