Immigration specialist

Who all has expanded their business by becoming an immigration specialist? I know 4 states aren’t allowed… not talking about Colorado, Texas and the other 2

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I’m was thinking about looking into the training. I’m in NY. I need to see the requirements. How much are you able to charge?

You can charge whatever you want except for CA ppl. I’m taking the course now

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I was just wondering what the going rates are. Don’t want to over do it. I haven’t been able to find an example.

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I have not been able to find example either. But I am taking the course. I will give you an update on things I find as I go through the process.

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That would be great. Much appreciated!

I live in MD, I took the course and now trying to build clientele. I did perform services for my neighbor. I charged 150.00 for 2 hours.

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That’s great! With much research I’ve found someone who charges between $250 - $1500 … she gets consistent business. Most ppl who don’t do it or who are not successful at it discourage others! Thanks for adding your value to this conversation!

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I am going to sign up for the online course as well. Glad to read some of the response.

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California mandates liability insurance which is, in my humble opinion, exorbitant. Against the law to advertise/practice without insurance. Plus, sets fee charged. Better check it out for taking the course.

Of course I checked it out. And I don’t live in California. The bond for GA is only $100 and covers 5k. It’s profitable for different states and not for others. The same way Cali is more profitable for LSA but GA is not.

It’s also legal in CA, where in GA it’s not.

Linda. Being an immigration specialist is legal in Georgia

I quoted the part I was referring to

How about in Virginia? I took the course already

I’m not sure about other states . But it’s on the nna website.

So I just finished the course that the NNA provides and it was very informative and useful, however it was not worth $149. I would have been very upset if I would have paid when it he price was $249. They mostly went over everything that was on the USCIS website. They explained the forms pretty well, but still not worth $149. Maybe $49, but definitely not $149.


Sorry to hear that Johnna; now, the certification you get - is it their certification or is it your state’s certification/licensing that you get from it - or what further steps do you have to take to finalize your ability to put yourself out as an immigration consultant/specialist?

No it’s all good, really. I needed the training, but you can easily find how to fill the forms out on YouTube by lawyers. But they give you their certificate. In GEORGIA I have to get a bond for $100. So you can submit a request for your bond on the nna website and then they will send you back a paper application.

Your bond payment is based on credit (doesn’t make sense to me). But then I have to fill out an application and submit it to the County clerk … and that’s $40, which isn’t bad. Then I’ll be licensed with the state.

To be an immigration specialist don’t you need to speak a second language? Do you speak Spanish?