Invoices? No Invoices? Lots of Invoices? What do I do?

I started this as a response to a fellow signer that was running into issues with a SS (@mdhunt8)–So to understand the true context check out the conversation linked below–and then I thought my response might be better received by the whole café.

As I understand she uses Notary Gadget to track her Signings (btw, good call). The one thing I have discovered (as I am sure many others have as well) The SS’s invoice address may not be the one that populates when you add them as a “Customer” using the “automation@” function in your signings. This helps in many ways. Often the situation she mentions in her conversation (then there are just SS those don’t want to do anything, then again that kind of goes without saying sometimes?)

Something else I have discovered–preface this by saying no one said it was right/legal–is that some SS WILL NOT accept invoices from anywhere else then the platform you/they are on. AGAIN: didn’t say it was legal just have heard by way of hearsay through other postings.

I hope this helps someone. That’s what we are here for in the Café.

Learn it, Use it, Share it.

Signing Service: The Closer LLC)


Thank you for your input. :grinning:

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I have chosen to use Quickbooks for the tracking of my signings. I create an invoice for each job and I pull the address, phone & email info from the signing service’s website. I do not mail (or email) these invoices as the SSs have asked me not to. I simply use them to track payments received and payments outstanding. QB also allows me to track costs that I can’t bill for that will eventually show as a business loss on my income tax statement.

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How do you track the mileage with Quickbooks? Are you using SE or SB?

I use the full blown edition of Quickbooks Online and the mobile app. You can track mileage from within either application. I think the same is true for the self employed edition also.

Awesome, I was using the app before (full) and got mentally sidelined from it. I think I will give that route a go again. Thank You.

Quickbooks Self-Employed is what I use to track payments