Just say a big NO Amrock's latest fee reduction for hybrids

The print fee is being reduced because you’re not printing as many. So what? Hybrids take longer to do and you need to purchase & drag a lot of expensive equipment around. One wonders what universe Amrock is living in. Sure isn’t the real world we face everyday.


I don’t even bother with hybrids as they only pay $50.00. Not worth my time or energy. I wish all notaries would reject working for these prices, but evidently some notaries like working for pennies. I even see offers for $30.00 How hard up can you be ??? Notaries WAKE UP !!!


Fact: Notaries in different areas are paid much differently. If you’re in a metro area, odds are there are many notaries competing for the, now declining, work available, so, yeah, the cheapest gets the business and then some desperate notary says OK to a ridiculously low offer…and a lower ‘cheapest’ is set. Which is a really good reason to just say "NO’.

Fact: In rural areas with a lower volume available and far fewer notaries, the pay is considerably higher. Like 2 1/2 times higher. Again, this knowledge that they most assuredly can and do pay more ought to make you realize that’s another good reason to just say “NO”.

Fact: As long as they can find anybody to accept these ever-decreasing fee offers, why would they offer more? This isn’t rocket science and they’re saving enough on too many jobs to be able to pay an experienced notary to correct any serious issue. Again, another good reason to just say “NO”.


It’s a difficult time for notary signing agents.

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SAY NO to e-Notarizations! Hybrids, however, are different. You still sign WITH the borrower, check ID in-hand. Costs for Notary are actually more, due to HOTSPOT fees and equipment. Sure, you are not printing AS MANY docs, but you still have to print some, and still have to travel to the location for the signing. We did a lot of Hybrids in 2009 - 2011. Fees remained the same because Title recognized the Notary’s expenses involved. Lowering the fee is just insulting.


I wrote to them with my thoughts when I received the email. I explained why I thought it was wrong. I explained that whether I print 10 pages or 199 the fee remains the same. I also offered that WiFi and laptop are an added service to the regular closings

They responded quite quickly that most notaries in their database were polled and already had laptops and WiFi so in their opinion they simply were asking that you take it along to the signing. They also offered that in the very near future all loans will be closed completely electronically.

“They also offered that in the very near future all loans will be closed completely electronically.”
And I’ll bet they won’t be done by Independent notaries!

“already had laptops and WiFi so in their opinion they simply were asking that you take it along to the signing”
I ‘already have’ a car and a computer and a cell phone and a printer/scanner and an internet connection–all of which I pay for anyway–so maybe we should just call it a hobby and do it for entertainment. Lot of gall and total disrespect, imo.


The problem is some notaries or signing agents that live in areas like I do and just need to fill their schedule usually have to take some of those.
It does make me angry when I see those tho I wish it were
Against some regulation for any company to pay less than $100 per assignment and a certain amount per 100 pages or more.
My personal favorite is when snap docs assignment comes up and it’s 30 miles away which depending on the time could be an hour drive each way and the docs are 65 pages they want you to print twice and it pays $50 and they think that’s a good price.
Might as well pay them to have their docs signed.

yeah i wont do them for 75. they take longer to do anyways.

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Thank you for all your efforts and information on this subject. I have been a notary for Title Source since 2012. Once the change to Amrock occurred II have noticed a different work relationship as the documents have some errors names may not be as they should be spelled… I have yet to perform a snapshot or e-signing or hybrid signings, but I will remember all your concerns when pricing this work. Thanks again for all you do.


Did you know that you can set your base fee with Amrock on a county by county basis? You have to do this separate for refinance and purchase transactions. Call in to them and they will provide you with the forms. Therefore, if you disagree with the $10 print fee reduction on hybrids then increase your base fee by $10. (True, you may get outbid by other notaries, but I believe Amrock system is on a first-respond-first-assigned basis. Meaning they don’t pick notaries based on whose fee is what. It’s whoever jumps quickest on the notification.) Just a thought in fixing your frustration in not accepting the lower print fee.

I received a call directly from Amrock on 5/09/2019 to do hybrid signing’s in North San Diego County. I wasn’t quoted a low fee to do the signing’s, yet I have yet to do one. To be continued…

That is good news. Maybe the push back by notaries was a reality check for Amrock.

I am personally seeing a positive shift for higher signing fees, but maybe that is because I am getting back into the business after having established relationships.

What I am disappointed in seeing is consistent signing packages with errors from escrow and title. I have had several signings lately where the customer used Doc-U-Sign and Escrow claimed they could not use the documents. Talk about job security? Humm?

Another gripe example tonight: Escrow took the wife completely off the paper DOT (and other documents) on a VA loan, which she had signed with POA, correctly with Doc-U-Sign three days before, She nearly exploded. If I made that level of mistakes…well you all know.

How many times have you seen instructions to print the pdf as “Actual size” and someone adds a few documents (faxes) to the pdf that are 8.5 x 13. My Adobe software would cut those documents off. I will be contacting Adobe about a better solution.

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I AGREE this is ridiculous
Tired of this happening we need to stand our ground with these company’s

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Amrock signings are extremely easy and I love doing the hybrid signings. They do pay $10 less to do them, but they take 30 min. tops.

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areizik is correct. If you set fee/county, you will most likely get more business from them. Until I did that, it was hit or miss with them. And you can quote a higher fee because it does cover the whole county and they will pay it regardless if it’s next door or as far away as you can go and still be IN said county. Just put it in writing on their form…and put some thought into it!

What am I missing? I’m never able to get an signing from SnapDoc, the moment an assignment come thru and I respond to it is no longer available.

Guessing…you are in a notary-saturated area and/or, for unknown reasons, have slow reception.


Wow! That was not professional!