Just starting and there seems to be a lot of scammer

I am just starting out and wanted to get listed so that I could get some loan signings. I have joined snapdocs but there seems to be a lot of scam sites. Can anyone provide me of a site that are legit to get some work. Thanks for your help.


signing order is one

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When the market for loan signings is the lowest it’s been for 30 years (that I’m aware of), the scammers are on the prowl…big time. Sir, the market just isn’t there for even the good sites…and never was for the the ones who bomb your e-mail. FWIW: I don’t think I’ve EVER received a ‘join our Directory’ e-mail from even 1 of the only 3 good sites to join. This site is one of them, but everyone is struggling right now. Don’t give up your day job.


@john2 Concur :100: percent with @Arichter as noted above.

FYI: I posted several threads previously to you directly when you initially joined the Notary Cafe forum. Perchance, have you reviewed them?

=====>>> Of particular assistance is the 7-Step Guide (also previously sent):


Dont quit your day job
Snap docs
Isnt what it was
The industry is at a very slow period .
Nobody is refinancing from 2-% 4% to 7%
Mortgages are tight etc
I agree with Arichter


Good luck. I started in March and have not gotten even 1 signing. I get a lot of “priority goes to such and such” I have already over $1500 in training alone and more and more places want to only use you if you have training from very specific places. Yes, I am a bit bitter LOL


There were / are many Notaries who bought the pitch from the Professors at 6-Figure University. The RE market is slow and a large number of Notaries looking for work. Going forward things aren’t looking so rosey. My best advice is to develop a different income stream until things settle out.


I’m glad someone is acknowledging this. But like quite a few OGs have said the market is very saturated right now… lots of ppl advertising to become a notary without really letting you know what it’s like.

I’ve had one signing (been doing this since August) and I’m making contacts slowly but surely so I’m not giving up. This also isn’t end game for me, so I’m not looking to make full time money with this, only 2K a month.

I wouldn’t mind paying for the right directory but if the overall market is slow I’m just wasting money. Rather spend money elsewhere on more direct connections/advertising


Signing Order is a platform where many notaries are contacted for ONE job. Directories are simply a list of those notaries who are closest to the signing location and are contacted 1 by 1 until a fee agreement is reached. You stand a much better chance of actually getting what you’re worth with the latter.

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First, a little education is in order.
If you have ever refinanced your home, when reviewing the fees on your settlement statement, you will come across the NOTARY FEE, which has changed very little in decades. An entire industry called SIGNING SERVICES has steadily grown around that fee. Some wise guy escrow officer probably figured out how to take advantage of that fee by hiring subcontractor notaries to do the actual closing (what you paid the signing agent class big bucks to learn) and then paying those notary subcontractors after they collected the notary fee from escrow. The problem for you, the notary signing agent, is that it’s up to you to do your due diligence to determine who will or will not cheat you out of those promised fees. This employer/employee part of the Loan Signing Business is entirely unregulated, so you should pay attention to who you are doing loan signings for. But I guarantee that, as the new guy, you will jump in on the first call and then complain about not getting paid.

$1600 in training! I have no doubt you are much better trained than I ever was. A valuable asset that you can fall back on when the fed drops the interest rates again. I’ve been “loan Signing” for over 25 years and haven’t spent a nickel on training however I did have a loan officer who needed a remote notary closer allow me to tag along on about a half dozen signings (1 weekend) for training. Also in closing, IMHO advertising as a tattooed notary might scare off a few schedulers.

Tagging onto what ewing_joe said re tattoos, a few weeks ago I got a signing where inside the instructions was the statement “no visible tattos”. First time I saw that. Wondering how that’s going to go over considering that 32-36% of our adult population are now considered to be tattooed!

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