Leasing a laser printer

Have any of you used this program?

What laser printers are you currently using with dual trays?
All In one? Scanners?

I have a leased commercial dual tray laser printer. I will own it at the end of the lease but I will be trading it in for an updated model since there will be a high use on it and I do not want to mess with repairs if anything is ever needed. It is a Sharp. I went through AI-Images in Texas. Sandy is a dream to work with. After reading the nightmare of walking out of a room and the Brother printer spewing your documents all over the floor I just did not want to deal with that. I like the idea of the company taking care of my repairs and toner replacement. It also has a scanner but I still purchased an Epson ES-580W in case I am printing and needing to do scan backs at the same time.