Loan signing system certification class

Though Mark comes across as somewhat of a Used Car Salesman these days I can only vouch for what he and his course and his personal attention have helped me to become. Mark’s course was fantastic for me. I took it in 2017 when I started out and he has been there for me from the beginning. I’m easily earning 60k a year (That’s all I want) and he’s a big part of how I am able to do that. Oh and I am not doing 9 signings a day. This is my retirement gig, I do 3 signings a day. Marks course is excellent.


I listened to a lot of his videos and incorporated it into my own. But no I have not used his platform. You should check out Notary2Notary. Excellent I went through her class Vanessa Terry, I learned a lot and from there I managed to get what I needed, got my certifications. We are like a family sharing and congratulation everyone on their success and encouraging those who have just started out. I am very confident in what I learned from her. Check her out.

I took Mark’s course and have found it very helpful with:

  1. Being more confident at the signing table and more efficient
  2. Knowing how to market myself to title companies

I have taken Mark Wills Loan Signing Systems course. Like any business, it will be what you do with the information he provides and teaches. It is not difficult to reach 10k per month, and you do not have to work all day. Most of the time anyone who makes 10k plus a month, are not taking any signings from signing services, but have become a signing service themselves by way of the relationships they have built with direct business. Again, IT IS WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR BUSINESS. Within Loan Signing Systems, the alumni who now have their own signing services, will use and assist new LSAs in their business journey. Do your research though, take the course that resonates with you. I have heard great things about Notary2Pro as well Good Luck with your research, and grow, grow grow. Take care and be blessed.


I took the course and it was helpful to me because I didn’t know anything/ (loan language-terms). Now, I am not making the money that I would like but I do think that my location plays a big part in that. Now, I will also say that if you are looking to make $$$$ that determines the amount of work that you put into your work. If someone decides not to take the course (LSS), you will still do well because YOUTUBE has a ton of information for free you just have to be willing to browse. Good luck!

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I bought the Mark’s course for the in-depth education on the documents, and stayed for the mentoring and community. Highly recommended. His energy is off putting to some, but in my experience, he’s as ethical and caring a teacher and leader as can be found anywhere. And I personally know people who are making well into six figures using his system. The people who follow exactly what he teaches, including how to approach title companies and other real estate and marketing professionals are the ones making the money.


Yes, I have taken Mark Wills course and its phenomenal. Don’t compare him with a “used car salesman”, he is simply passionate about what he does and is sincere about giving others the knowledge and tools to make your own and be as successful as you chose. There are 3 courses to choose from, all of which allow monthly payments and yours to use for life. It is up to each of us to do as little or as much as we want. The course has educated me to beknowledgeable and confident about all docs. Don’t speculate until you have taken the course, well worth the money!


LSS has its tips.

I do not care for the only here to do as many signings as possible, as fast as possible mentality.

Don’t care one iota for the condescending way he speaks to people in the videos. I don’t think I’m sensitive either. It’s pretty rough sometimes.

His no nonsense signings are great for certain demographics - certain business styles.

Feels pyramid-ish. Hinky.

Lots of ways to do a signing. Stay true to your business plan & follow your gut.

You learn from everyone - might be what you don’t want to be as a business owner.

My puzzle pieces, the demographic I serve, are not suited to the LSS.


I purchased the most expensive course he offers in which there are monthly payments and I love it. He still ads interviews he has had with other owners of signing services in a separate bonus course that comes with the plan and has lots of nuggets in there. They just had a huge conference across the nation for us students in Vegas and seen how awesome it was, didn’t get to make it this year but I will definitely be there next year! But everyone is different so do your research if you feel like you can connect with him then I suggest to highly take it! Good luck.


I took it I believe its totally worth it.

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I just see a lot of yelling lets go… It does nothing for the business, He makes money off people paying into his program. You seriously cant change the market. The marketing is pathetic. Having to buy stuff for title to get business isnt my way of getting business, Its too expensive, hasnt gotten me one deal. You honestly just have to know someone to get your foot in the door. I’m tired of the low ball fees they send out for signing companies. Just isnt fair doing all the work for minimal pay. I have 17 yrs experience and when the market was good business was good, now that it is slowing down the market and business is like a dead zone. I don’t want to buy gifts for business that eventually wears off. I want business because I know how to do my job and its done professionally, and on time. Not because I bought you bag of chips and lunch LOL. Something gotta give in this market.


Atta girl Laura! You nailed it 100%!


Well stated!!! I totally agree.

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to purchase anything to get business, but what is important is that you build a relationship with the companies that you would like to do business with. You research and do what is comfortable for you. Every state pays differently, and all though some may feel the market is slowing down, many people are making 8k plus a month and they are not taking every job presented to them and not signing at the speed of light with the borrowers. The Loan Signing System course has assisted seasoned and new notaries build a better business, and again it is what works for the individual. There are many different courses out there. It never hurts as a seasoned notary to take courses whether you pay for them, go through entities such as SCORE Mentorship or the SBA, that could possible give them an aha moment of doing something different and turning their business around.


I heard that while it is good the cost was high. But expensive is contingent on the deepness of our pockets. I believe.
I took NNA - and have found a lot of trainings and courses on You tube, the platforms and some Directories. These forums are very positive if you come from a heart of gratitude. Just take what is beneficial.

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I think part of it might be working all the time. Booking your day fully and taking some weekends. The notary I saw on YouTube hit the 10k but the next month went down to 5k for her health reasons from working that much.

If you have someone direct that will pay $150 per signing and give you 3 a day for 5 days a week that’s $2250 a week. You’d subtract your expenses such as gas, car use, paper and ink. Great income but you’d need that direct and consistency. That’s really the only way to make the LSA income is mostly working direct with some SS supplementing here and there. You’d have to do a lot more appointments if you’re hitting that income with mostly SS. The real estate market also, around holidays, thanksgiving and Christmas might be slow.

I hear a lot of his class information is available or covered in his YouTube videos for free. You do pay and get connected to his private groups with other notaries.

I have not done LSS so do not have an opinion on the course and whether it’s worth it. I did okay my first month and paid off all my start up cost of around $1.2k the first month and made a bit of a profit.

I do think Mark’s energy and business insight help notaries. I found some of the information he shares for free helpful, along with notary coach and many others who share on the internet. In real life no one around me wants to sit there and hear about notary stuff lol so its nice to have the YouTube and online resources in something I enjoy doing.

I have not decided if I will take his course because there are a few other courses and I can’t decide on them or which to take. Also how it compares with the NNA course.


At this point, I’ve been following him on YouTube for almost 4 months trying to figure out what this magical script could say lol… No luck. The videos are too vague. But, I have to admit that that is my biggest hurdle right now. I’ve spoken to realtor and title companies on my own and in 4 months I’ve gotten 1 job. So, I might be interested in paying for his marketing help… But I’m also considering the notary2pro course because it would help me become a better NSA. Have you taken the notary2pro one?

Both courses are hundreds of dollars gah… And I really wanted to save up for a trip to Venice in November… Decisions, decisions… (If I could figure out how to make 6 figures I’d already have my tickets lol)

Have not taken The Notary2Pro course, but I do know that upon completion there is a list of companies who contract with their “graduates” - in fact, mention has been made of companies who only take these graduates…

Something to consider.


I was searching information on the Loan Signing Systems course and came across your post. I have been an LSA for about 11years. I earrned about $45k in 2021 working part-time. Of couse 2022 hasn’t been as good. I am considering taking one of the courses. I feel that I can always learn something new. Any title companies that send me business has been just a matter of luck. I’ve not had any luck going directly to title companies. Did you wind up taking a course? If so, do you think it was worth it?