Looking for advice for supplies

Looking for some advice on supplies. What computer, printer and scanner to you use? What can I buy right now in 2022.

I have spent a lot of time looking at different forms from notary cafe, FB forums and others. I searched for these items but nothing was super helpful. Main issue is a lot of info that is out there is out of date or old. Many of the printers many seem to like are not available anymore.

I know the basics on what I am looking for. Laser printer, dual tray, wifi, monochrome printing.
I’ve read more often than not to have separate scanner.
Computers that are window based work the best. Chromebooks and macs can have glitches with adobe. Looking for low to mid priced computer.

I have the potential for some of these supplies to be paid for and need to come up with an exact list and pricing.


Buy the best used workhorse low copy count printer with the bells & whistles you need that you can find from a reliable eBay seller. With interest rates and costs increasing, this is about the worst time in the last 10 years to be just starting out.


Your local Craigslist and Facebook marketplace is a great place to find used equipment. That’s the only way I’ve gotten my B&W HP work horses from over the years. HP4250N
You can also seek for a local printer service. They often have refurbished equipment for sale.

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Thanks for replying. Unfortunately with the state agency helping me get started I can’t buy used in this manner. I have to give them a list with websites and prices to what I want. They don’t work with used sellers.
If they won’t cover it and it’s out of pocket than I can shop in this way.

So looking for models for computers, scanners and printers folks like and why. That are on the market right now

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nicolegarciapnw it seems like you got the right info.
I favor the Brother dual tray printers I have the Brother HLL6200dwt, I have the Raven Pro Scanner, it’s not exactly mobile, but I can place it in my car as I do have an electrical plug in my car however I usually go back home to scan since most of my work is within 12 miles or less from my home.
There is a person on Notary Cafe forums looking to sale her Brother HLL5200dwt printer and Epson scanner.

Unfortunately buying used in this program not a potential. If I have to buy on my own I will look for used.

I have been looking for an electrical plug for my car… and you please tell me which one you have? I have an extra printer which has a scanner on it that I would like to keep in the back of my SUV ( covered of course)

I have a 2021 Mercedes Benz and the newer cars come with electrical plugs already in them.

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Love Mercedes. Love my CLK 500 convertible.

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