Selling Printer and Scanner

Well…i guess this is not the field for me. I have had not one signing and have spent too much money for this project. Nevertheless, I am selling my printer and scanner if anyone is interested.

HP LaserJet Pro M404dn and a 3rd tray (additional)
Epson Workforce ES-300W

Both fairly new (since i have not had a signing)

If anyones interested, we can discuss pricing.
Email address is or

Don’t give up yet… if you are not ready to throw in the towel and want to talk. Send me a private message.


Do not get discouraged, it is hard times for everyone, my advice is: keep your equipment, wrap it if is possible in the original packaging an put it in the closet for awhile, then take a small vacation o staycation, fix your mind in other things, do something different in order to get by, if the market recovers you will be able to come back if you still have the will to continue on this venue, when you log in these Notary Blogs, if you want to, take everything with a grain of salt, you will learn a lot about genuine and helpful tips and others plainly exaggerating situations hard to believe specially in this times, if you comment, be careful, you could be accused of bad things by the confused , but be grateful wit the ones who really share helpful advice, be patient, be strong, look forward for the best, always!


This may be a smart decision for your situation. Not every market will provide a supportable income. This is a decision only you can make. I wish you the best.


Try e-bay. I think you’ll get the best price there. and and Facebook

Thank you cNsa5, your comment is uplifting, you always been one of the pillars on this blog giving advice that really we can rely to put in practice on our daily toil as NSA’s, your Wisdom and Selfless Advice is Appreciated!

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@mannie1950 :sweat_drops::sparkles: Thank You, Mannie. I appreciate your acknowledgement & affirmation. :yellow_heart: