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I am a new notary signing agent. I have signed up with numerous signing agents. I respond as soon as I receive a blast. However, I’m always a second late. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my first signing?


Yes. #1: Make sure your profiles are filled out 100% at Snapdocs, Signingagent.com, Notarycafe, etc, then private message me:-)

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Having this same problem. where do you live?

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Sign up with as many signing platforms and signing services as possible, and keep trying to grab signings as soon as the notifications come in. One will finally work, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Also, I would encourage you to take signings that may be a bit far, or a bit late, or a bit low in fee. That’s because the algorithms used by signing platforms factor in the number of signings that you have on that platform, and the more you have the easier it is to get more signings.

Also, I would encourage you to get Snapdocs verified, which requires that you be NNA certified as a notary signing agent.

Quite a few title companies and signing services that use Snapdocs only consider notaries that are Snapdocs verified. Plus, this is useful when approaching title companies directly, because many of them use Snapdocs.

I would also encourage you to sign up with The Closing Exchange and Signing Order. When I was brand new I had an easier time getting signings from both of those platforms than Snapdocs. I didn’t start getting many offers from Snapdocs until a local title company I work with gave me roughly 20 or 25 orders via Snapdocs. After that, I started getting a lot more signing offers from Snapdocs. Keep at it, and it will happen.


I firmly believe that some notaries have a person who’s sole job is to keep on top of these signing requests! I can respond within seconds, and it’s already gone. I don’t want to run my business, or my life, like that. I have been doing this for 20 years. It’s time for me to slow down. I don’t like these signing companies that pit us against each other. Don’t even get me started on notaries that work for peanuts! The loan packages keep getting bigger, but the fees offered keep getting smaller! I’m relieved that I’m not just starting out because I would have abandoned this gig long ago. Good luck to all the new Notaries! It’s a jungle out there!


Yeah lately the signings go so quick. I can’t accept them fast enough! I like to take an extra step of googling some of the addresses to make sure it’s not downtown where it’s paid parking or to ensure I have enough time between my appointments to make it there. I calendar appointments in my planner so have to quickly glance. Any extra step I noticed appointment is gone, someone accepts it. The automatic SS are difficult to accept quick enough. Many of us are on the road in the day can be plain out dangerous to accept a text.

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You can always accept right away and if there is time, do your scheduling and mapping. If it’s too far or you have a conflict, you can just let them know you have a conflict or it’s out of your service area. They can find another notary. It happens all the time. I’ve been doing this awhile and the field had become saturated with new NSAs. And, companies are taking advantage because they know someone who is just starting out will take the low ball fees when we’ve all have seen they charge the customers up to $450.00 on the CD for the title/notary fees. Good luck!


Key words - “title/notary fees” - keep in mind there is far more involved in this fee than just the notary signing agent.


coralynette - I had the same issue i just started in April and always a second late. What i would do is google the signing agency right after responding my availability and I would call them direct ask them for the opportunity. I then started getting more and more signings. I am now hitting over a dozen a week signings on a part time basis and making over $1000.00 a week.


Thanks for the tip! I’ve been a notary for a few years but wanted to branch out into the loan signing agent part. I have to do part-time like you too.
May I ask how many hours a week you work? If you have a 9-5 job do you just do signings in the evening and/or weekends?

Thanks !

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Thanks for the tip! I’m new as well…may I also private message you :slight_smile:

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You have to be patient. Keep accepting, they will come

I quit my full time job. I do GNW and LSA work. Your area depends on how much work you can get.

Congrats Jeff! Do you recommend taking a loan signing course ? If so which one?


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I went strictly through the NNA. Watched a lot of YouTube Videos. If you feel you want a course, In my opinion Notary2Pro is the best. Carol Ray is there to mentor you and she will get you set up with signing services. I joined Notary Stars and they work hand in hand with Notary2Pro.

Some companies only accept those who graduate from Notary2Pro.

Notary Stars has daily live zoom videos going over the different types of loan documents. If I had to do it all over again, I would definately take the N2P course.


Appreciate your advice!

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I agree with Jeff…Notary2Pro not only trains but has a database of signing companies who use their graduates…and good post graduate support

Not a student or graduate … Just someone who has read feedback on this training course, looked it up and was impressed. No fake promises

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Hi Cora, those assignment blasts are sent out by signing service companies to dozens if not hundreds of notaries. It is a matter of speed and rates for most signing services: the faster they can fill an assignment at the lowest rate, the better for them. PLEASE KEEP TRYING.

It is smart that you are signed up in multiple places. This helps increase your chances. In all of your online profiles, make sure they are 100% COMPLETED.

Make sure you have a professional profile picture, like the one you use here in NotaryCafe. Review all the of your profile settings and make sure it reflects you correctly.

For example, make sure to include all the counties you serve. If you are only signed up for one or two counties, this limits you. The more counties you serve, the higher chance of getting more assignments.

For illustration purposes, I tried to locate your profile on SigningAgent.com. If this is NOT you, it’s okay – it will still be a good example. (Example profile Signing Agent)

I am an attorney: No
Accepts eDoc: No

NNA Training Completed
Notary Essentials Completed: 4/8/2021

NNA E&O Insurance Coverage: $25,000.00
NNA E&O Insurance Expiration: 3/22/2022
(you can click the link in the profile to see the documents uploaded for this profile)

The first thing I notice is that there is currently no profile picture. The second thing I notice is that this profile is a new signing agent. Some hiring companies are willing to onboard new signing agents. Others want only experienced signing agents.

Notice how it is marked NO under eDocs in the profile. (eDocs just means the signing agent can accept loan packages via email. Hiring companies often want to email the loan package to you as a PDF. If you have this set to NO, this means hiring companies cannot email it to you. So they are limited in trying to get a loan package to you for printing.)

Notice that there is $25k for notary public E&O insurance. And I don’t see any notary signing agent E&O insurance listed. Many hiring companies require $100k+ coverage for notary signing agent E&O insurance.

(Yes, there is a difference between insurance/bond as notary public and as a notary signing agent. Bonds protect your customer (signer) and insurance covers YOU. Contact your insurance carrier. Find out what precisely you are covered for. Are you covered as notary signing agent or is it just as a notary public, or is it for BOTH?)

I hope this helps you. Keep reading the forum. Lots of good information here. I wish you good luck.


:rofl: :rofl: What do you mean “for peanuts”??? Love notaries like you who determines what “Peanuts” are.

I make pretty good money doing this full time even with taking $75-$90 signings. I’ve even taken a $50 1 document signing lol and almost felt bad for that one.

My business is flourishing even with what you call “peanuts” :rofl:

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Thank you! I have done everything except signing up with closing exchange . I will do that now!
Thank you