Looking for good laser printer

Looking for advise on good laser printer. Upon research I am finding some replacement toners are almost the cost of a new printer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I like my brother laser printer. Does the job very well. Toner is expensive.

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The only problem with a brother printer is you have to also replace the drum every now and then, which can get pricey if you don’t shop around. If the fuser goes, you’re best to buy a new printer.

I prefer HP - to me they’re much sturdier. Yes you may pay a bit more but, IMO, they’re better workhorses. If you’re just starting out I’d suggest checking ebay - I got an HP4300 dual tray back in 2013 for $200, included shipping - it’s still going strong…

Whatever you get, make sure to pay attention to print speed, print count (if buying a used one) and monthly duty cycle. You need to know the printer is going to be able to stand up to the work you’re going to put it through.

Good points, Linda. Thank you.

I have an HP… doesn’t have the dual tray capibilites … but it works great. prints fast and efficiently … I also found a site INKCARTRIDGES.COM…

CONT… where there toners are re-furbished… but I found that they work just as long if not longer then toners purchased in the top office supply store. I but 2 a time at a price of 30 bucks total… GREAT DEAL… and trust me… they print just the same…

Recently purchased a Brother w/dual tray, Fantastic! Very fast. Mine is the HL-L series not sure if its a 51 or 62 bot do the same one series is newer.

Brother 8950DW dual tray has pounded it for 4 years. It does require a drum replacement about every 5+/- toner replacements. I get a local guy to refile my toner cartridges for $50. Its a workhorse and quality copies.

I love my two Brother Laser Printers & have never used an original Brother replacement toners or drums due to the costs. I had my printers for three to four years. I’ve always bought my printing supplies on ebay. My printing costs are so cheap that stopped worrying about keeping track of cost per page years ago.

My HLL5200 dual tray works great, LD toner is much cheaper to use than Brother. I haven’t had any problems so far.

I have a Brother HL-L6200DW with dual trays. I usually get a high capacity toner cartridge from Amazon for around $95, lasts about 9500 pages. At 50k pages had to buy a new drum for around $125. It prints nearly 50 pages/minute. When I print borrower copy, I switch to toner saver mode. All in all, it’s a great printer.

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I purchased an HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426fdw and added the optional large capacity 2nd tray. I use the latter for letter and the integrated tray for legal. It is a wonderful MFP which also serves as my fax machine. The only downside I can think of is that it has an A4 platen, so you cannot scan legal documents on this unit. This is an important consideration if you do not have other means to scan legal documents. I happen to have a Fujitsu scanner, so I use that. As for toner, all laser printer toner is going to cost a little, but that’s just the cost of doing business. I paid $46 for replacement ink on Amazon.

Okay, so I started thinking about my last reply and wondered if I was just not doing something correct with the scans, because it seemed to me, after writing it, that the size of the platen should not matter, as long as it is looking for the correct sized source document. As it turns out,** it WILL scan legal documents** if you set the source size as Legal. Duh. :frowning:

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I suggest getting a Brother Dual tray printer. I have an HL-5370DW which is old but still going strong. Bite the bullet and definately go for a dual tray printer. Also, go on amazon.com to buy toner and drums (not OEM). The refils are MUCH cheaper and work just as well. TIP: There are two glass eyes (right and left) inside where the toner sits, it monitors the toner level. Cover each with a piece of black tape. The printer will think the toner cartridge is always full. This way you will
not get a toner empty light when there is still toner in the cartridge. You will know when the cartridge is really getting empty when the print outs get light.

Although I am more a fan of HP than Brother printers, as previously stated, I do have to say I have read a great deal of good feedback on this particular printer.

I used to sell toners. You should be using compatibles/remanufactured. Amazon has very good ones and cheaper. If you have a problem with them, you should know 99% of all cartridges are now remanufactured. That’s why if they are returned to any store for any reason, you will receive replacements without a problem

Brother HLL5200DWT Business Laser Printer with Wireless Networking, Duplex and Dual Paper Trays, Amazon Dash Replenishment Enabled https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BHSLBLK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_TWuVzbTAZXKYJ

I found this printer on amazon. Input? I WAS looking for an all in one… but those are crazy expensive and don’t have good capacity duel trays… however scanners or faxes are fairly cheap these days. Guess I’ll just need a power strip in the home office :wink:

I just saw some people already say this was a good printer.

I have a 2nd question. There is the ability to print from an app on your phone on a lot of printers these days. Does it actually work and is reliable? If I’m at work and need to print docs super quick at home does this mean I can send them to my printer to have printer by the time I get home?

My phone will only print when it is connected to my home network. I’m not a tech guy, so there may be a way to start printing in the car on the way home, I just don’t know it. One company I work for, Xome, requires that you be able to print using your phone.

I have both an HP printer and a Brother. I paid around $650. for my Brother MFC9970CDW six years ago, $109. for the HP. Brother does the heavy lifting, printing off legal-size docs at a fast clip. I use the cheap HP for occasional letter-size printing unrelated to Notary work. My goal is to have a trouble-free as possible Notary business, my Brother printer makes a huge different toward that end, fast and trouble-free. In my experience, if you are consistently doing 5+ signings a week, a good printer is absolutely essential. Yes, I have to replace the drum every 6 to 7 thousand pages, but it’s part of the cost of doing business, as is filling the gas tank every two or three days, buying a box of legal size paper once a month, ink cartridges, etc., etc. (I buy refurbished cartridges). It helps that I am retired and have retirement income. I would rethink the Notary business if it was my sole source of income, i.e. is the cost worth it?

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