Maverick Signings

Watch out this this “company.” I’m wondering if it may be a scam. They have contacted me twice and each time they said they got my name from SnapDocs and wanted to know if I would do a car signing. When I say I would do it, they asked my address and commission number and then I never go the docs from them. They’re the only company that has ever asked for my commission number and the only company that has engaged me and then not sent me the docs.

While it’s not a scam and the docs are usually o/n to you, I ‘used to’ work with them, but they’ve gotten way too cheap & labor intensive.


Maverick Signings => Not a scam; however, my experience directly mirrors that of Arichter.

The doc package is shipped overnight.
Fees dropped precipitously to a point WELL below break-even amount. :astonished:

:disappointed_relieved: No longer accepted their orders starting in 2018.

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I’d be interested to know what kind of docs you were getting and what the situation was. Was the person buying a car from a dealer, or selling a car to another individual, or was this some sort of Carvana purchase? In NYS a transfer of title doesn’t need to be notarized. So I don’t even understand why a notary would be needed for a sale or purchase. And if a deal had some sort of doc that needed to be notarized, why wouldn’t they have office staff that could notarize? Please explain.