Meeting people at packed restuarants

Oh my gosh The worst!!

Now that sounds fancy

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probably you can but I always get something (whatever’s cheapest) last time I went there I bought a carbinated water and that’s it.

Same thing happened to me, but i tried to tell them they wouldn’t have the opportunity or SPACE on the table for food and drinks. They ordered anyway and they never ate. I made clear that their condensating drinks need to be clear of the documents and their hands need to be dry to handle papers during signing. They learned that day!


Ugghhh! I hate that! I just place the next document in front of them and start talking over them. The Realtor usually takes the hint after a few times.

**Being a broker myself, I tell them that the client needs to be focused on the documents, but be available when a question arises that as a notary I may not answer. keeping them in the loop.

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Public Libraries are good for doing signings if one is near


@linda1 Quite true, although, check out their business hours while you’re scheduling.

One client wanted to meet at the library 45 minutes prior to closing - the librarians saw all our paperwork & tools spread out & began the “Shooing Out” process 20 minutes prior to their Closing Time,

Truly, it was awkward & we felt rushed & the sense that we just needed to fly through the documents.

So, we hurriedly completed the signing & notarization process and then, adjourned to my car. Together we went through the documents one at a time, they jotted down questions, and we then reached out to the appropriate contact person for the answers. :sparkles:

I will say that the residual “scorched” effect has seemed to deter meeting at that particular location again . . .

My goal is to always ensure that, to the best of my ability, my clients are comfortable, not rushed, and feel that they have time to ask questions & have them answered by the appropriate team member.



I had a 200-page reverse mortgage yesterday. This was in a client’s home at the kitchen table. I had to turn my phone flashlight on.


Yes, nice and quiet.

LOL wow! No light, huh?

Yup, they learned something that day Lol

Been there done that with not enough light to see docs. I keep a narrow self standing bright light in my brief case just for these moments. Experience is the best teacher.

The only time I have loan officer talk constantly during signing was BECU. Most other officers state they will be around the corner or across the hall should borrowers have any questions. Allows Notary to perform task at hand in much quieter and efficient process.

I asked for a coffee to go. Then ask them to hold off making it until I am ready to leave.

GN at a crowded restaurant is an okay if they have a table when I arrive and I have a chair. No loan signings. The main reason is that many consider this a privacy violation with PFI visible to those in restaurant.

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I like to meet at the library; the library has conference rooms so I can reserve space. Also, it is quieter and has lots of privacy.


Though I have been out of signings for a bit … .my experience FWIW

Did ONE loan signing at Starbucks (and only one for a darn good reason) … Staff was great, accommodating and understanding, as were borrowers … just not enough room at those tiny cafe tables to carry out a professional loan signing. Would never do it again. I would offer up my own dining room table before I do another Starbucks signing again.

Take that for what it is worth.


Yes. Sometimes the lighting is so low, I have to ask if they can turn on brighter lights or move to another room with brighter light.

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My worst experience at a restaurant was a realtor who was getting drunk, while the customer was nearly in tears, because they were told they would be getting $30K from the sale of their home but were only getting 20K.

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