Mobile Notary Fees

Newbie here.
Of course my state has a maximum amount you can charge for a notary signature ($6). But what if you’re a mobile notary and you go to them? What do you charge and what radius do you travel and then when you log in your journal do you only log the $6 and the mobile fee is logged in a separate doc? Thanks.

This is a state-specific issue. So check with your state’s notary-governing body for the definitive answer. We’re talking General Notary Work here, not Loan signing work where a whole lot of other services come into the fee structure. If it were me, for GNW, I’d itemize fees between stamping and travel in my journal.

Hey got a lot of questions there lol. Ok so first yes you can charge travel fees IF your state allows it. Some states allow a certain amount per mileage and you can’t go a certain amt or they don’t care. Here in TX it falls under they don’t care so you would have the flexibility to charge whatever. So for example some notaries charge $1 per mile, some charge the deduction per mileage which is 56 cent for this year and some have a flat rate within a certain radius. For radius-that’s up to you as far as how far are you willing to travel. So in your journal you can do it 2 ways (again assuming there is nothing specific required from your state). You can put the total amt that you charged and then in your bookkeeping show it itemized (that WILL make a difference when you do taxes) or log in both fees in your journal separately. Regardless of how you do it in your journal I recommend you itemize in your bookkeeping because it is extremely important. Hope that helps. Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions on it.

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