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Try joining Service Link. I get so much work from them that I rarely take other jobs anymore. Not sure they do a lot in your area but in mine they keep me hopping.

My two favorite directs right now are Navy Federal Title Services and Old Repubilc Title. On time pay, great communication, and good rates!


That’s great to know! I am in the Hampton Roads area. Would you have any information on more direct clients? Who do you work with?

Right now, I mostly do Navy Federal Title Services and Old Republic.

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This is the time that everything slows down pretty much. I was told by a lot of my realtor friends and others in the business to expect this. This would also be a great time for continue marketing, and making certain that your GMB page is updated. Hang in there

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What is GMB, please?

GMB = Google My Business

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I am a Realtor. I am a Signing Agent. I make money on both sides.

If you are not a Realtor you have no idea what it takes. I’ve sold five house this year part time. I’ve cleared $25K signing in 9 months part time.

Too many people talking from a position of ignorance. Get to work. Make money. Go to Maui.

I did.

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Right on, Bro (I’m from the 70s :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) I totally agree with the get to work part.

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Put your boots on

Get to work

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Can you provide a direct link to the vendor signing page for Navy Federal I cannot find it. Help please from a newbie

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True. but even that is a waiting game…

You may want to look into doing property inspections. I say this because I became a property inspector and after the first day of signing up with WeGo Look, I got two assignments less than 5 miles from my home to do a vehicle inspection. It took me 20 min to take photos of each vehicle and I was paid 40 for each. The good thing about them is that they pay weekly which helped me with paying for gas while doing my notary work. You don’t need any special certification tools or training. You just need your cellphone and their app. There is a free training course offered by Mortage Field Services you can take but not mandatory if you want to add the “certification” to your resume. In the past two weeks, I made $200 with them alone and I was able to squeeze the inspections between my assignments while I was already on the road. They pay on average $20 - $72 for each inspection depending on the type of inspection that you accept.


You know substantially actually! Good job

Send me an email to

What specifically are you wanting to know

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I think your numbers are distorted. 90% I don’t think so.

Did you get the link?

No I did not get the link

I just followed up on this! WeGoLook may not be it but I was able to on board with GIS for mortgage field inspections. I can already tell this will help me build my notary clientele AS WELL as my real estate investment portfolio. Thank you for posting this!!!

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