My Property Inspection Experience

As a newbie signing agent, I was looking to diversify and have multiple income sources that would not take away from my main Signing Agent business. I have posted this a few times, and many have reached out to me asking the same questions, so I decided to make a post that would talk about my experiences.

I contracted with a company called WeGo Look.
So far, it has been a great experience. The only tool that I had to buy was a tire thread gage ($5) and a yardstick ($3). They work with insurance companies and car dealerships by contracting out vehicle photo inspections. Using their app, you take photos of the vehicles and collect other required information that the client is asking for. Once you submit the completion report, it goes through quality control (1day), and once passed, you get paid the following week by direct deposit.

I have scheduled and completed most of my vehicle inspections between my signing appointments. The first time I did it, it took me 1 hour but now that I have completed 30 assignments, I can complete an inspection in 15 min. The pay rate may be different for certain areas; however, in my area, the average inspection pay that I have received ranges from $20-$30 per inspection for a vehicle and $40 for RV’s.

I had a large order of 17 vehicles at a car dealership that I knocked out in one day. So totally worth it because I could complete it on a Sunday, a day that I had no scheduled signing appointments.

I know that there may be other types of companies like this in other areas, but this has been a great addition to my Notary business so far.


Thank you for sharing! I received an email from a similar company today. Was wondering if it was worth it. The one I got was for residential inspections.

I get those emails too but I look at their pricing point and didn’t feel that it was worth my time. If you live in a large area where you get bulk orders yes that may be good. In my area there are not to many so going to do a drive by photo inspection for 10- 15 dollars would not cover my gas.

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Hello, Thanks for Sharing This Information, I’m a LSA in New Jersey and I would also like to add this property inspection to by loan siging business, can you please Advise on how I can register to be a property inspector in New Jersey. Thanks

Well I don’t know how or why under the age of 50 youthful ladies get into NSA work because it’s a volatile industry that has no real bright future teetering out. It’s really been reduced to part time extra cash for 50+ seniors. It’s no longer the goldmine of a career prior to 2008’s collapse.

Being in title and escrow jobs is where younger people need to be working if they want a stable income in this industry. NSAs are being taken full advantage of by agencies and the industry wants to pay the same $100 fee since 2010 without inflation and cost of living adjustments. The agencies all agreed $100 is a good fee to pay for our services as they boosted themselves a raise 50% cut from our fee. They never want to raise our fees.

The potential liability in this NSA job is overwhelming that can really harm a young woman’s future. It can easily drive up monthly car insurance rates if you use your own vehicle from driving unknown roads, and generally doesn’t have any benefits a job would provide.

NSA work is really meant for extra cash for those 50+ in the work force for decades. There are plenty of corporations in need of workers. It’s not a good choice to rely on being an NSA for any bright financial future. They always lie hyping up income potential in their NSA training courses.

It’s a bad idea to be young as an NSA right now. There are much better opportunities available out there for a solid income. In 2000’s I was making $65k as a legal word processor with benefits and a 401k in my 40’s. I worked much overtime and in 10 years had $100,000 in a 401k saved up! An NSA has nothing but endless expenses and frustrations. No one fights for the NSAs out here. It’s a pre retiree part time job now.

I noted being self employed as an NSA takes away from future social security retirement benefits as well lowering monthly payments from smaller deductions over the years.


Excellent points made here; there may have been a time when this business was viable for younger people to establish themselves and corner their market - not any more.

With the influx of new people willing to accept lower fees and, basically, rip the carpet right out from under you, younger people are better served establishing a career in the corporate world (if that is their bailiwick) where their skills are utilized and fairly paid along with good employer-paid benefits and retirement plans.



Food,Shelter,transport,Medical Expenses for a single individual or a household member with family to take care in a daily basis,how to plan for those needs is no explained by these six figure universities goons…

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No it’s not about young people taking up work, it’s about their wasting better opportunities available elsewhere. It makes no sense to be an NSA in one’s 40’s in 2022.

The issue for younger persons is the potential liability, raising car insurance rates, and wear and tear on their vehicle coupled with the industry focus on maintaining $100 per signing makes it a lousy industry. This industry refuses to adjust from a 2010 $100 per signing average for cost of living the past 11 years. They all want to continue to pay $100 no matter what.

There are zero health benefits or 401k plans. No umbrella of support for NSA’s that have no protection from greedy highly networked LLC agencies that help themselves to 50% or more of the NSA’s allotted fee. This is for pre senior 50+ work not 20s, 30s, or 40’s age range.

All for a lousy $100 per signing during the pandemic even? After deductions you make $70 or less in 2 hours of effort running around in a car burning fuel. I also noted many agencies want free scan backs! Then you have to ship it out that day usually.

Pandemic issues triggering cold back yard or dark and musty smelling garage signings and other agitations of mask fogged up reading glasses! People wanting to read many of the docs on your time. Borrowers wary of the unknown notary entering their house that they take your temperature at the door pointing at your head without apology.

It’s no longer a friendly environment welcoming notaries.


In 2012 when i started doing NSA work there were only three NSA Notaries working in my area, now in 2022 there are twenty three registered Notaries some of them certified by NNA and graduated from the six figure Mills university, even there is a young couple husband and wife doing NSA work, I just wonder how those people are going to survive this slump in the market, most of them taking $60 refis, I wonder…

They need to find new industries this one isn’t going to cut it anymore. There’s no one standing up for the NSAs they refuse to adjust our fees to cost of living and inflation.

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It’s just a rip off now where the agencies are the ones making good money on our backs.

Agree 100% Cheryl…and this post should open the eyes of new people as to ALL the little nuances to be taken into account when deciding (a) is this for me; (b) can I make this work/is there a market for me here; and (c) what do I need to charge to profit.

And BTW…on the point of profit…keeping in mind that if you file as a business and don’t make a profit for a specific amount of time, IRS will reclassify your business as a hobby and will go back, disal!ow your business deductions, recalculate your tax liability and impose interest and penalties on the new tax due amount

Just a thought


WeGo Look is a nationwide company. You can also check out. Mortgage Field Services

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Has anyone here ever taken the Mortgage Field Services free online course and received work through the site?

I have taken the course and since completion I receive many calls and offers but only accepted one which I negotiated and received which paid me more than one signing would have.

Thank You so much for posting this amazing resource! I’ve been looking for an “IN” to field inspections for sone time. All of the companies that I’ve come across want you to have prior experience or trainging of some sort. This company offers a FREE course into mortgage field inspections. This is great! I’ve already signed up and started it. I look forward to adding this service to my business in the near future.