Mortgage connect

Has anyone worked for Mortgage Connect? I done 3 signings and still haven’t gotten pay, it’s been over a month.


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I do have an account.

I have then on my BAD list.

If you completed signings for Mortgage Connect on 8/16, you bill them on 9/1 and they will pay on 10/1. If you don’t have their invoice you have to contact them and they will send you one. I’ve done many signing for them and I know their payment patter, trust me, they will pay you.

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My experience with them is similar to what MLeon noted. It can take 30-45 days for payment after you invoice them. In general they’ve been okay to work with on closings.

they are slow to pay and their invoicing system makes it difficult—they pay but I prefer not to do their closings

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They actually called me last week and wanted me to be on their list, but the stipulation was that I would do fax backs on each and every order within two hours of each signing. I told them I was too busy. If we don’t stand up to these people who don’t pay on a timely basis then they’re just going to keep walking all over us. There are tons of reputable companies out there who treat us well. I’ve just gotten to the point where I don’t worry about catching every job. Just do your very best to be as error free as possible and and the good companies that you do work for will call you directly for work.


I’ve used them once and got paid OK and have a second invoice outstanding but not overdue.
What I have decided to do in the future is charge them extra for faxbacks and extra on top of that for Wells Fargo jobs. They can be as picky as they want with faxbacks and requirements as long as they compensate me for the added work and inconvenience. I have turned down lots more jobs from them that I have taken.


Yes, slow payment and pay is low

I just received pay for a signing I did for them in January. I have contacted them each month but this month i told them I would not contact them again because I was taking legal action. Really was’nt but it worked. I got my check in 3 days.

I do not work with them anymore cause of having to beg for money. they still call me and I just don’t answer there calls.

Yes, I have done several for Mortgage Connect. So far, been paid okay.

They are a good company. You have to send then an invoice

Ever since they took on Inspire, they have changed. They lowered their rates, upped the page count and insist on fax backs. They also seem to be following the industry in that payment is never within 30 days. If I work for them again, I will charge extra for fax backs and for Wells Fargo loan packages (150-175 pages)

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I have, they pay in 60 days. They’re a joke. I don’t sign for them anymore.

I have been doing signings (over 70 so far) for them for 2 years and they pay like a clock. They have a very simple rule to follow to get paid in a timely fashion. They have an invoice sheet that you should have, if not ask them to send it to you. They pay all outstanding invoices twice a month. Signings performed between the 1st and the 15th, you bill on the 16th and signings completed between the 16th and month end you bill on the 1st of the following month. The invoice sheet has your Vendor ID# and you fill in the date, type signing, borrowers name and the fee amount for the signing. You sign this sheet and email it to This goes directly to their payable department and you will receive your check within 2 weeks. They are a VERY LARGE national signing company that generates a ton of signings and if you have had issues getting paid then YOU are not sending your billings in correctly. As far as another post complaining about fax-backs within 2 hours, that is simply their requested time-frame. All packages are returned to them via UPS. They do require critical document fax-backs on all packages due to a very high number of signing errors by new notaries. I have over 3000+ error free loan signings under my belt since 2005 so I can do these in my sleep. In most cases you will receive either a phone call or email saying the package is OK TO DROP. I have had many cases where I hadn’t gotten the OK TO DROP phone call or email and I dropped the docs anyway so I wouldn’t miss the final UPS pickup and this has never posed an issue. In my opinion, I couldn’t ask for a better signing company to work for as there are a ton of very sketchy signing companies out there that work similar to a Ponzi scheme using current fees received to pay old signing fees due that may be 1 to 6 months or more old and remember that BY LAW escrow disburses ALL FEES OWED when escrow close. They don’t slow pay the signing companies, the signing companies slow pay us all the time. If you have any other concerns feel free to email me at Hope this helps you. Chris Morgan


You shouldn’t, you need to learn how to correctly bill them. They pay like a clock.

I received the documents for closing today for a closing in less than one hour, 182 pages, I contacted them for additional fee, and was advised I should have negotiated my fee when it was scheduled. I told her I was not aware I would be printed 182 pages times 2, I ask for additional 25. and she said I am not going to pay you that much, the offer was 15. additional. Because of my professionalism I agreed to do the closing, but in the future I will be more careful about accepting closing from them.

We are our own worst enemies with these low ballers and slow payers. I talked with these folks and asked why I wasn’t getting more work and they said I was too expensive and what I charged them $175 for they can get done for $75. They just needed me last minute and I stood on my price. Stop doing this folks. You are ruining this business.


I have done many signings for Mortgage Connect and never had a problem getting paid. The thing is they have a very antiquated system where as you have to fill out an invoice every month (or every two weeks) and fax/scan it to payroll. I love the company and schedulers, but they really need to catch up with the times on invoicing!

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