Need a third-party platform to work as a RON, Texas

I am new to Notary Cafe and am in the process of setting up to work as a RON in Texas. Can anyone recommend a technology platform with which to work that doesn’t require much upfront cost for the notary and accepts/is compatible with NNA’s digital certificate and eNotary seal? I am a member of NNA; I’ve taken their RON course and will get my digital certificate and eNotary seal through them. Thank you!

There is a plethora of data already on the threads within Notary Café. :sparkles::tulip:

If you type ‘RON in Texas’ in the Search field, you’ll find loads of very informative & bountiful resources there.

Always check the Search field initially for any query, then (if you come up empty-handed) create a thread with your question.

Here is a sampling of some of the available threads for you:

IF you discover that a completely new thread DOES need to be created for your question, then include within your original post that a thorough Search of the Notary Café forum threads has already been completed & include the links of the threads (at least 1 or 2) with the most helpful info. This will assist us in providing guidance as well as provide helpful info to others who will be viewing your recently created thread. :pray::angel::gem:

Thank you for the guidance.

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