Network Transaction Solutions - Caution!

Be cautious of this company. I did a signing for this company in September 2020.

  • I drove 55 miles one way.
  • Printed over 150 pages plus client copy
  • Fax Backs!

Neither I nor the client was told they needed a witness for signing. They refused to pay! And was very RUDE!


This company is usually great but they take errors very seriously.

Hello inotary_va,

Are you saying they take Notary errors very seriously? If they did not disclose the need for a witness when the assignment was given isn’t that a SS error? Not a NP error?

Hello ubready,

Before accepting long distance assignments, I condition my acceptance of the job by stating my full fee is due and payable regardless of the signers’ decision to sign/not sign, and regardless of the loan funding/not funding and asking them to agree and state that in the confirmation or an email.