New Guy Fishing For Info Here!

Hello, Everyone!
I’m, Ted, from Las Vegas, NV. I am brand new to the notary business. I got my stamp a couple of weeks ago and I’ve had a few small jobs I’d gotten by word of mouth, without advertising. Now, the initial work has dried up and I am looking to advertise and expand my operation.

Truth be told, I know little about the notary business. I am a delivery driver and a courier and meet a lot of different people throughout the day. I noticed there were many calls for notary services, and so I thought it would be a good idea to get my stamp and help enhance my earning potential. So, here I am! I have a lot to learn and I am having a good time (so far!) doing it.

Anyone who wants please, feel free to point to any information, e.g., posts on this forum, Web sites, articles, etc., you may feel I should read to help get this new guy started!

It’s great to meet everyone! Great to be here! Thanks!

You are about to step into a den of rattlesnakes. Join the NNA study the laws of your state pass their exams and get Certified as a Signing Agent before someone sues you. You know nothing a stamp means nothing other than 6.00 a stamp.

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You better brief up on laws and ways to protect yourself from lawsuits. NNA, does your state require other licenses for certain notarization?? Mine does for loan docs. Don’t just “jump in”, very foolish.

Welcome, Ted, if it’s not too late.

A Notary Public holds an honored position that can be traced as far back as the scribes of ancient Greece and Egypt - most of us don’t consider our profession a casual thing to be undertaken on a whim.

That said, having received your privileges, you have asked for some help learning to use them responsibly.

I suggest that you join the National Notary Association. Take their excellent Notary Basics course for the State of Nevada. If you decide to pursue loan signings - not for the faint of heart, but… - take NNA’ s Notary Signing Agent course.

There are several other sources for signing agent training - Notary2pro, etc. However, NNA is recognized and accepted by all lenders nationwide. Others are not. Enough said.

Second: Go online and read the rules governing Notarial Acts in Nevada. Yes, all of them. You will be held responsible for ensuring that you follow those rules with each notarial act you perform. Ignorance is not considered a defense for a Notary Public.

Third: I hope you have started your journal. Keep meticulous entries - they are public records.

Again, welcome!

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