Newbie Here is it better to be a Signing agent or just a Notary?

I’ve just received my certificate, I ordered and received my stamp and embosser. Should I do the course to become a signing agent or just a Notary? I’m confused and trying to figure out which way to go.

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I would say that all depends on where you are and the requirements for the field in your location along with your ability and willingness to put the time and effort into building your own business along with the marketing, marketing, marketing. Many here are new and some have become discouraged…that’s really a tough question to answer

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Thank you! I have a lot of time during the day, and on the weekends so I thought this would be a good option for me.

Here’s what I suggest

Do a zip-code search here (Find a Notary section) and see how many notaries are listed in your zip code on this site alone. Then go to Notary Rotary and do the same thing.

That is your competition. That is how many people you are going to have to contend with to get work. And lowering your fees to get the job is not profitable - and will run you ragged in a heartbeat. You want to get decent fees so you can sustain your business AND your personal life - work smarter not harder.

I wish you luck - you won’t know until you try. Set your mind and heart to it and you’ll probably be fine.

Best wishes.


I live in Central CA. It would be totally worth it to be a signing agent. There is little to no business here for GNW. I would do 2 signings a month if I was lucky. As an NSA, I’m turning away work! This after 6 years of experience. I would still have as much work as I wanted as a newbie, albeit with lower fees. Becoming an NSA teaches you what the docs mean & how they can interact with each other. Title and/or SS are not going to use you if you make mistakes. The NSA training helps to minimize your mistakes. Hope this helps! Good luck!

Why not both?!

You just need to make sure that you monitor your calendar/schedule very closely to avoid double-booking yourself. This is where a solid scheduling software will come in handy. It is WELL worth the monthly investment to automate as much of your scheduling as possible. Less opportunities for mistakes and it saves you so much time.

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Thank you that is what I am working on. I want to stay busy.

Thank you I am thinking the same. I am working on that certification now.