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I just barely got my Remote Online Notary Certificate from the State of Texas and I’m not sure how to get signings or from where. I took a course from the NNA on how to do them but I’m not sure how to do the next steps. Anyone that could help? I would really appreciate it.

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Not a clue, sorry. But even RON loan business is down – nobody wants to borrow at a higher int. rate than they currently have.

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Fedex is now offering RON signings. You’ve got new competition in the market.


@mleijanotary Competition is pretty fierce within this business industry regardless of traditional signings or RON types . . .

I performed a cursory Search utilizing the GOLDMINE Notary Cafe database and the following direct Notary Cafe url link identifies 50+ threads that are available to you for your Research using the Keywords “how to get ron signings”.

This is a url that you may find quite insightful as well:

To Search the Notary Cafe database, simply seek the ever-elusive, nearly invisible Magnifying Glass (see image below) for immediate answers to questions.


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Fedex uses Notarize for their notarizations and I am a contractor on Notarize so I am picking up some of that business as well.

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I’m sorry, what did you just say in your post? It’s a mess.

It was a mess, dictated typed like text, I don’t use the program anymore… I deleted the post.

I knew you were smarter than that post :wink: Dictaters nevr werk write.