New Signing Agent

I just received my signing agent certification. The first signing company that called me decided not to hire me because I don’t have experience. Will this keep happening? Any advice on how to get around the chicken and egg problem?

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Hi Deborah, Yes. It can be frustrating at first trying to get your foot in the door. I recommend a few things. Initially, beef up your notary profile and highlight as much as possible to let your potential customer know just how good you are. This doesn’t have to be from a strict signing agent experience, but rather that you are “detailed oriented” etc. This is really important, especially if you do not have a background in real estate, Title or the mortgage industry. Also, make sure you sign-up for as many signing services as possible. Just spend the weekend registering. I know I signed up with over 100 companies during my first month in the business and by the end of the month I had my first appt. Another thing I’d recommend is that you may want to supplement your NNA training with that of another service, preferably “Notary2Pro”. Typically, “Notary2Pro” graduates can get business almost immediately after training certification with the company’s signing service sponsors. Hope this helps and Good Luck!


Thank you for your helpful advice! I’ve had five signings since I wrote this message!

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Hi Deborah. How did you get certified. I mean did you used NNA or a different company?

I was certified through NNA