Signing up with Signing Companies


I am a new Loan Signing Agent and would like to sign up with signing companies. So far, I’ve signed up with snap docs,, notary cafe, 123 notary, notary rotary and a few others but haven’t received any calls.

I tried to sign up with a few signing companies but they all want experience, prefer previous escrow officers, or want a loan officer or an escrow officer to refer you. Another one’s contact information is just a mailing address!

How can I present myself to these companies given I’m new and don’t have experience so that I can become an agent with them? What should I say? I’m at a total loss here!

Thanks for your help.

1/2 dozen or so newbs a day asking how do I get a job. While those with years of experience are trying to get out of the business as it has tanked…both in volume and fees. There really is nothing more to say than don’t give up your day job or keep looking for profitable employment elsewhere.


I’m sorry you see it that way. I’m not sure why you bother to answer with such a disappointing post when you are not answering the questions in the post?! It seems like there are a some experienced agents who want to discourage new agents from this line of work. I really shouldn’t be surprised!


Arichter is telling the truth - this business is not what it used to be, and if you followed the hype that told you you can make a six-figure income you bought into a bill of goods as old as the hills. She’s just trying to tell you like it is…however, that said, let me add my two cents, for what it may be worth…

You said “would like to sign up with signing companies. So far, I’ve signed up with snap docs,, notary cafe, 123 notary, notary rotary and a few others but haven’t received any calls.”

These are not signing companies - they are listing services only - they don’t get work for you - it’s up to you to market market market - don’t focus on the fact that you’re a “new signing agent” - don’t even tell them - focus more on wording that convinces them that you’ll give their clients top-notch service as a notary - convince them to hire you rather than the next guy.

Now…the reason they want experience is that too many notaries jump into this pool with absolutely no idea what they’re doing - costing borrowers and companies a lot of unnecessary stress and, in some cases, financial loss. We read the horror stories every day of the clueless notary and what they did with te borrowers’ loan.

Now, all this said - you’re worried about signing up with companies, so I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you only took the NNA certification - because that’s what they do - certify you, put you on and throw you to the wolves. Here’s my suggestion to you - contact Notary2Pro (Carol Ray) - take their certification course or courses. They have a list of companies who are willing to use their new graduates and send them work. From what I’ve heard of her course you won’t be disappointed.

One last thing to keep in mind if you’re setting up your own business it’s going to be 2 or 3 years before you are financially viable…so again, Arichter is right - don’t give up your day job.

Good luck


Thank you SO much for the helpful information. I actually didn’t buy into a 6 figure income and don’t mind doing this even if it’s just a side job. I will do what I can to get my business going, but I’m not depending on this income.

I had heard about other certifications, but didn’t know which ones I should get. I will definitely follow up on your recommendation.

You are the first person who has ever responded with helpful information.

Thank you again.

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I’ve been in this business for 8 years and my opinion is Snap Docs is a good source to use as a new notary but don’t get comfy there, the pay is very low. Sites such as are a good information source but they’re not a good business referral source. Visit the title companies in your city, remember your business card is a miniature bill board so design it as a marketing tool. Check out the Meetup,com and network with investors and realtors because they have escrow contacts at title companies. The mobile notary business is profitable for those that are willing to accept $40 signing fees, but for many of us that is a huge loss. Set your goal to acquire at least 3 title companies that will pay you at least $150 for each signing. I wish you much success.

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