Any business tips for New Signing Agents?

I have been getting notifications on average one to two per day and I hit accept each time but signing companies are not choosing me. I think it’s because of a lack of signing experience (snapdocs). I do have experience in the industry and was a notary before. I have a strong profile outlining my industry experience and a professional profile. I have reached out to my local title companies and have an in-person meeting scheduled next week. Any other advice anyone can give or know of newbie-friendly companies that will give me a chance to prove myself? I have signed up with at least 60 companies and I am getting very discouraged. I even got certification as a Mortage Field Inspector and have received 2 assigned jobs in less than one day after signing up. HELP!!


Same here. I received three notifications for the same signing and I replied to each one at 100% rate! How can you gain experience if no one will give you that chance? I am beginning to wonder if it’s that ole “you rub my back and I’ll rub yours kinda club”. In other words, they have their favorite go-too and choose that person over new signing agents. I have over 25 years notary experience and have worked in an higher educational institution for the past 25 years as well. My notifications are coming from snap docs and I have all the necessary credentials to do a signing so it gets very frustrating! You are not alone-


I have 18 years in finance and worked as a Legal Assistant to a Real Estate Attorney for 5 years doing exactly what I would be doing for the clients. I was a general notary notarized over 200 plus documents for private banking clients which included HELOC and refinance packages… what more experience are they looking for… the rating system is so unfair to us.


The credentials and experience that you’ve listed suggest that you could make a lot more money in your previously chosen fields of endeavor. What brought you to becoming a notary? Keep in mind that, as with any business or any new venture, it takes a long time to build a steady clientele. I know, I’ve done it in three other successful businesses. I ate a lot of canned corned beef hash before my businesses began to thrive. Wedging my way into an already crowded field was very challenging (today’s modern work for “tough”). Take the junk assignments for a while. I know, that means you’ll lose money, but its kinda like going to the driving range in golf. Not very satisfying, but the practice pays off later.

I have often opined elsewhere on this site about what it takes to be successful in this or any other business venture. Check out my missives, if you like. And, most of all, if you believe you’ve got what it takes, keep trying. Get creative. Market yourself. You will break through.


I got tired of the office politics in Corporate America and find that the more you do the more they require of you…which is never enough. I figure if I’m going to work hard I might as well work hard for myself. I know it takes a while to build something that would come close to the money that I made but I’m looking for independence and freedom over money at this stage in my life.


Then you surely have made a good choice. Hard work does pay off, sprinkled with creativity and innovation. Business will come your way, you’ll see.

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What worked for me is reaching out to tittle companies and offering services. Sign up with signing plat forms.

What with the SS’s sending out $40 - $60 offers I would say seek other employment.

I was advised when I first became a notary on snapdocs to answer every notification, whether you are available or not. I did so and I believe it really helped my rating. Also, if you don’t have 100k in errors and omissions many signing companies will not even think of hiring you. I hope that helps


Been there done that and still doing it. I even reached out to my local title companies in the area and discounted my fee seeing they are less than 2 miles up the road and i want to earn their business.

Right now I will take what i can get to just get the experience i need

I’m doing that and ranked high. I only have $25K in E&O though.

It may be an illusion, but when I raised my E&O to $100K, my bookings seemed to increase. Also, you might try paying the extra $2.99 per month and double the zip codes for assignments offered by Signing Order. I doubled the zips to 40 and immediately started getting jobs in the added zip code regions I added.

I did that very same thing early last week and I got -two orders on Thursday and two on Friday. With the exception of the first, the rest went perfect

When I started in this business the standard was to sign up with 100 or more companies. NotaryRotary has a great list of companies to market to. Just go with the 4 or 5 star companies. Snapdocs is a reverse auction for newbies. They take the first low fee accepted. Keep in mind that your internet access, especially on your phone could also determine how fast you receive the notices. I’ve noticed that I get email on my computer seconds or even a few minutes before it hits my iPhone.

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I agree. You have to have at least 100,000 E&O. A trick I heard from someone on YouTube, was to also put in any notary work you do on your snap docs profile. It shows that you are doing work. Even if it not for loan signing. My profile was no longer blank. I added a couple of notary jobs that I did and I noticed that is when I finally started getting a couple of assignments.

I thought that it only displayed the jobs that you completed for snapdoc clients. I inputted a few signings i did but it only displays what was completed by the ones i got from snapdocs.

Mine shows all the signings including my notary signings in my total count. Let me see if I can find that YouTube video.

@donaldsonnp- here you go


I think you are right. Signing Agencies and Title Companies can only see how many assignments you have done through snapdocs.

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