New to Notary Cafe

Hi everyone! Do you have any advice on listing my fees for potential business? What fees have you seen from companies on what they are willing to pay?

I have pretty much set my fees for in town, a rural area, and out side of town. I do negotiate with some companies and I have been taken for a ride by some of them. Some you know how many docs there will be and others you are hoping that is ton the low side. Sometimes you end up taking a alot of time to down load a huges amount of docs so, you make a not the next time they call , you ask for a lot more money, if they say they can’t pay it, then tell them to find some body who will work a lot cheaper.

Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback!

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Hi, I am in northwest ohio, new to the Mobile notary business. I am interested in only mobile notary services at this time, Limited funds. Is there anyone in this/ohio area willing to mentor me? I have a website and business cards. Would like to specialize in Medical/LTC facilities Retired Nurse. Thanks and God Bless!,