New to the Game-Help!

New Notary in the Louisville, KY area. Trying to find signing agent jobs. What are some companies I can affiliate with?

Hi and welcome! There are a TON of signing companies out there. If you look in the forums, there is a conversation about which are the best signing companies. I would go and read it and just start signing up with the companies other people are mentioning. You can spend days signing up with signing companies! Good Luck!

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Thank you! Do you suggest any specific that you are familiar with personal.

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Signature closers is a good one to start with, they have an app you can download and they pay twice a month and my checks are never late. I would start with them for sure. It just depends, You need to sign up with as many as you can to start out with. The companies I get work with might not be busy in the area you live in and vice versa. So signing up with as many companies as possible is the way to go. I would sign up for snap docs but it can be hard for newbies to get signings right away just an FYI. Fieldchoice, coast2coast, notarygo, loan pro closings, mortgage closings, inc. Seriously go look at the conversation about the best signing companies to work for, I just listed some off the top of my head.


Start by going to and getting an EIN (never ever give your social security number to any of these companies); then set up a checking account for your receivables and payables so your business money is separate from your personal money; then establish a business plan - how much do you need to make each month to keep you personally and your business afloat, taking into account all expenses you’re going to incur. Any questions about how to do this? Find a local chapter of SCORE to help guide you through.

Make sure you have adequate E&O insurance.

Know your notary laws cold before you insert yourself into anyone’s financial transactions, especially loan signings - this is probably the most important financial deal of their lives and you’ll need to be at the top of your game - especially in order to get and keep business from the best companies.


Wonderful advice!! Any suggestions/resources for notary laws in your state?

Recommendations on any loan signing training programs? Mark Wills, Bob… etc


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As to notary laws…your own state statutes (easily googled)

Training programs? Notary2Pro/Carol Ray

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Excellent advice. New notary signing agents who skip necessary first steps put themselves at risk.

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It is wise to be cautious of any training that calls its training a “system” and emphasizes the big $$$$ you can make as a signing agent in its marketing campaign.


I see you are in Tennessee. Try here: Notary FAQs | Tennessee Secretary of State

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