Newbie w/a Witness question

Tomorrow I have two signings (YAY!!) with the same company - both VA Refinances. Both require two witnesses on the Mortgage. In Florida I am allowed to Notarize and witness but am I required to bring my own witness for the second witness? Or is that up to the signer?

Also, off topic, but no ink color was requested on either one (same Title Co) - from what I read on here, I should just default to blue and make sure all signers use blue as well. I’m a little nervous so I just want to do everything right. This forum is so helpful! Thanks in advance

It’s the signer’s problem to provide a witness. Rarely, if they can’t, & you can, charge extra for the witness.

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Congrats on your signings. One question that I personally always ask the TC is what color ink do they want. It has become part of my must know questions. Never assume that blue ink is the standard because it can turn out to be a problem. Ask, ask ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with your signings. Not asking is like not caring.

Congrats on your signings!

Witness question - what is your hiring party saying about this? Normally it is up to the signers to provide their witnesses - bring this up in your confirmation call if the can’t provide a witness then you’re into the negotiation stage with the hiring party to get a fee for the witness you bring to the closing. I would also check with hiring party if lender will accept you being a witness - sometimes lenders don’t like that.

Normally blue is used - I would check w/ hiring party and make sure lender does not have a preference on ink color.

I have a witness related question: cannot verify if NC notary law allows notary to be one of the witnesses for documents from other jurisdictions. I have a signing for FL documents here in NC and documents require 2 witnesses, the hiring company says they have one witness and I will be the other. From all the research I have done, I am not sure if NC notary law allows notary to be a witness.

Hope someone can help.

I replied to you in your thread.