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Does any have experience or information regarding Loan Processor? I received a call from a company in reference to becoming a Loan Processor. I did some research to become familiar, but I don’t know anyone has actually done a loan. Just trying to get more information or hear from someone who has experience. Thanks

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The Search function is being identified to be of assistance to you. :angel:

Each of us contributes our time-proven experience & expertise. We are very busy business owners; either working with clients OR marketing/developing our business. => Our contributions/answers are provided on a voluntary basis and are offered to be of assistance & provide insight to others in this business sector.

It’s so important for each member to endeavor to perform due diligence prior to requesting the valuable time of other business owners.

Searching the Notary Café database for the answer (that’s more than likely already present) prior to creating a new thread or post is being considerate, thoughtful, & respectful of other members. Saves everyone time & prevents consternation. :sparkles:


You can run a Search (upper right/magnifying glass) as it will usually be quicker than waiting for someone to reply.

Here are the results I found for you by typing “loan processo” in the Search field. This is for one thread that you may find particularly helpful if you reach out to the poster to ask your questions:

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