NNA Membership Question

The time has come to renew my membership and I was wondering….

I completed the background and the continuing education through the NNA but I now see that it did not include the yearly membership. I have not received any signings from SnapDocs in almost 9 months nor have I received any leads from Signingagent.com. I work with other SS or receive assignments directly from TC.

Does it make sense to add the membership… I don’t call them for support nor order my supplies through them.

Should I or shouldn’t I… does it matter?

Disclaimer: I did use the hourglass and searched… still need advice from the more experienced notaries here.


If you’re not getting any ROI from it, in my opinion, why would you? You’ve gotten the BGC, which most require - if I weren’t getting any work from that platform I’d just leave it at that…but that’s just me


I renewed once for credibility purposes, but it’s probably not worth it. I don’t think companies are really checking for it and I don’t think it has the credibility that I thought it did. I did call for advice a few times when I first started, but now I don’t need their help. Never gotten a contact from signingagent.com, either. Sooo… idk. I was also apart of my local Chamber of Commerce for a year and didn’t renew that one since it didn’t lead to any connections like I thought. And I don’t think people really cared about the membership lol. People don’t ask for it when offering jobs/making appointments.

So, it’s up to you. I guess it may boost credibility if it’s posted on your website.


@donaldsonnp You & I are at the same crossroads . . . :sweat_drops::sparkles:

There have been times in the past when I didn’t maintain my NNA membership.

Their current membership pricing structure is:

  • 1 year $69
  • 2 years $119
  • 3 years $165
  • 4 years $199

Opting for the 4-year term, which usually cycles with the Notarial Commission cycle, would be $50/year or $4.16/month.

IF you select your membership at the same time you’re Renewing your Commission, then there is a discount for the membership:

$10 discount for 1 year
$15 discount for 2 years
$29 discount for 4 years


HOWEVER, if you have your Background Check [BGC] performed through them & passed, your professional profile will be listed on the SigningAgent .com website (regardless of having any certifications or membership status).

=> NOTE: The site identifies: “Your Signing Agent profile will appear on SigningAgent .com once your NNA Signing Agent background screening has been passed (allow 24 hours), as long as you have not opted out.”

I reached out to their hotline for specific information about discontinuation of the membership & how that would impact the listing on the SigningAgent .com site. As long as you have your BGC performed by them & you pass, your profile will be on the SigningAgent .com site. So that is the sole qualifier for being listed.

With the current downtrend, it’s even more important to closely evaluate every dollar expended for business maintenance.



No. Haven’t been a member for years and still get a very few signings from the SA site…which randomizes the list of both members and non-members.


Thank you all for your advice….

Thank you for confirming that… as long as my listing is there then I’m good.

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There are many title agencies amd signing services that require NNA certification for NSA or they won’t let you do their real estate signings.

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I didn’t renew my membership for this first time in over 20 years Image how much of my money they got. Then 2 months later after it expired they sent offer for $29. for the year so I took them up on that offer only to get BGC and Certification cheaper when I have to renew.

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I am Certified and did my background check along with my continuing education

I actually just renewed mine because two signing services, First American and I can’t think of the other at this moment, reference my signing agent profile.

In my direct experience over multiple years, reputable title/escrow companies, law offices, realtors, signing services, etc. DO require their certification as a PSA to provide services to their clients.


For clarification purposes, from my post above (see link below):

There are multiple components that are uniquely separate elements under consideration when evaluating the services offered on their menu. Each of these can be purchased separately/a-la-carte; however, if you’re interested in multiple components, there are discounts that are applied when bundling the items if purchasing at the same time.

  • Professional Signing Agent [PSA] Training
  • PSA Certification Examination
  • Background Check
  • Their membership [1, 2, 3, or 4-year]


If you’re going to be/are continuing to be a PSA, purchasing the following is advantageous for your PSA career:

  • PSA Training
  • PSA Certification Examination
  • Background Check

NOTE: Your PSA Profile will be listed on SigningAgent .com


If you’re going to be/continuing to be a Notary, purchasing the following is advantageous:

  • Background Check

NOTE: Your Profile will be listed on SigningAgent .com


Regarding the membership, each respective individual will need to evaluate IF the following is germane & supportive of their own business:

  • Their membership [1, 2, 3, or 4-year]


I received the same notification also but they referenced my background and my certification they said nothing about being a member


I have found that certain companies will not hire if you do not take the test from the NNA every year so that may make a difference if you are not current on the test in the number of signings you receive.

I’ve had some agencies require NNA membership to get hired. SigningAgent is where the background info is accessed…I think(?)
I was getting some jobs from Snapdocs.com initially but that has all but dried up. I’m not sure if the market in general is having issues or what. I guess its good to know its not just me! If things don’t get better I’ll have to get a job ; < )

I actually had a company hire me from this network. That said they found mel on this community. everybody’s SIGNINGS have dropped. I’m making a little over $300 a week which I’m not super disappointed about I would just like to make 500. I like to be able to find out what’s going on, that’s why I like to read on my notarycafe!:coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee:

I get about 50% of my business through SnapDocs. I like their vendor pay option and find their platform to be the most user friendly of most of the signing services out there. That’s just my $.02.

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I honestly don’t think it’s really worth renewing. I haven’t renewed in years.I doubt if I renew again at all.

I guess you are one of the few that have found this level of success with them…

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Yes, but that’s the certification, not the membership