Non-Payment by Notable Notaries: Looking to get paid

Has anyone had any trouble getting paid from Notable Notaries? I did a couple of jobs for them in August and they always ask me to send invoice, which I do when I complete the assignment. This time I have not been paid. I have emailed and sent text with out any response. I have never had problems with them before. I wonder if anyone else has had this experience with Notable Notaries. I took pictures of homes for them, they always want them a certain way, which I have not had any problems in the past. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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@clarlm1059 I personally have no experience with that particular business entity. As such, I can offer no direct insights regarding collection of overdue invoices.


You may find this post to be of assistance as it provides Steps to Follow for invoice collection:


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You must send them a invoice.

Some signing companies require an invoice, most don’t. Read the notes they sent you on your conformation.

Cal. companies require a invoice .

Yes, sir invoice sent day of assignment. I did finally get a response, states was on vacation and did not have phone on him. Said he would get right on getting payment out. Its been a week and still no payment. I am going to call now.

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I did a home inspection back in august think they will pay you. California signing services must have invoices must be tax thing.


Please know that all businesses must adhere to local, state, and federal employment/ labor laws, this includes provisions for independent contractors. If a business does not pay you for wages earned after you have contacted them, especially in writing, report them to the state/federal agency that takes has jurisdiction over payroll/wage compensation complaints.


Curious how this works as ICs are not on payroll nor are they wage recipients. What state are you in that provides this proteection?

Have you gotten paid yet? I’m having an issue with them right now for the same type of job.

@vxthoma06 ??? My posts are offering assistance to those who are unpaid . . .


Try reaching out to the OP => @clarlm1059 for a status check.


Have you gotten paid yet?! I’ve been sending them multiple invoices and I haven’t heard anything yet.

I did work for them months ago anf i have not been paid. I sent ANOTHER invoice. I want to call but i cant find a number. I will not take work from yhem again.

How do you send your invoices? I know there are invoicing software companies specifically set up for notaries, but I have no clue how they work. I work thru QuickBooks Online because it is a platform I am familiar with and I can tell when they open and view my invoice.

As for Notable Notaries, I did one job for them in October and the invoice is not due yet. However, because of my previous experience, I have all of the contact information from my initial communications with them, if their invoice past due I will reach out via email and phone.

I was a business to business collector in my previous life

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