NON-PAYMENT: Cohesion Signing Service

I am having trouble collecting for an August job I did for Cohesion Signing Services. I have called multiple times and left messages, I have emailed, I have left messages on No response at all. Where do I turn to next?

I did my diligence and completed the signing. Any thoughts? direction?

Thanking you in advance.

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Contact title company


@Mills123 Sorry to read of the Cohesion payment difficulties.

There’s a very helpful Step-By-Step guide that @rparker has within the Notary Cafe database (which is a true GOLDMINE of information). Here is the direct Notary Cafe url for your review:



I had this same issue. Went past 65 days after several emails and invoices. I contacted title and cc’d cohesion. Lo and behold they got that email and I was paid the same day.


I have received payment. 90+ days after signing. The payment went to my spam, but the lack of response to numerous calls is still an issue I do not find satisfactory, as is having to pressure them to be paid. I loved the signing, as I do all of them. The signers are a joy. Signing Service Providers should understand that we are their voice and treat us with the same respect we give their clients. End of rant and thank you all for your help.


I would never wait that long to be paid…glad u got ur $$

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Seems to be an issue with them. As I have reached out to Cohesion twice and no one responds. I know times are hard, work has slowed but not only have they not paid they are not communicating.

Go to National Notary Association. They have letters and procedures for non payment.

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