NON-PAYMENT: Live notaries LLC Portland

Has anyone worked with Live notaries LLC? I accepted an assignment and was never paid in the time they told me it’s been over a week and I have placed numerous emails out to them with no response ? Any help or any suggestions

Hello, something similar is happening to me. I did a job for them on September 2021, got a check, it was returned, so I could contact them via email about this, they said they would send the money via Paypal, (this on October), and it is December and no more contact from them. Not answering their phones or emails.
Did they ever pay you? Just curious…
Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

I received A text message from a mobile notary near you to conduct a notary. However, Live notaries LLC sent me a contract to sign which I did. Now I haven’t received payment. I’ve tried contacting live notaries via email and phone call and there’s no response. If anyone can help me I sure would appreciate it. Everything that I think I just got scammed.

I am sorry you had the same issues as me. At least you did not get a returned check fee from your bank. Merry Christmas!!!

Yes, I accepted a job with them recently on 12/28/21. I emailed their billing dept as recommended in the above thread. No reply. This is quite frustrating. I’m considering reporting them to the BBB if I don’t receive a response in the next few weeks.

Hello everyone. I finally got frustrated and contacted the lender and “cc’d” Live Notaries. Well, the lender did respond giving me an email. I did email Live Notaries and “cc’d” the lender. Within 2 weeks, I received my payment via Cash App. Hope this helps everyone.

@zabelnotarynw I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience with Live Notaries. If you have not already received your payment, please do email so we may look into your payment. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

@ro.notary88 I’m sorry to hear you are frustrated about our company, however as our agreement would state, we send out payments within 30 days of completion of the assignment. Please make sure you have completed the payment form that was emailed to you and also confirm completion of assignment at the text line that is in our agreement as well. Many notaries’ frustration comes from overlooking terms of the agreement they have signed. If you have not received payment by 1/28/22 please contact us immediately at Thank you.

@myd Please rest assured our business model is not one to scam our Independent Contractors in any way. We have worked with 2500+ notaries in 2021 and as you can see aside from the few notaries who have not received their payments which is usually lack of communication, errors or not understanding the terms of the agreement, our ICs are happy to work with us. If you have not received your payment please email and we would be more than happy to take care of your payment. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your email. It was very frustrating due to no communication. Hopefully, things are better now.

What’s your excuse for ignoring my emails about your overdue payment? It’s been over 30 days and still no payment or response from you! Apparently now you are operating under the name “Mobile Notary Near You”, but your poor business ethics of not paying without numerous messages and warnings hasn’t changed!

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Have you ever received your payment? Have you reported them? I will be reporting them to quite a few places.

They are now working under the name Mobile Notary Near You, however there is no website for them even though they claim to have one at And all their number that you are required to reply back to ring busy 24/7 there seems to be no way to contact them and they do not respond to your texts.

Beware of this company !!!

Here is a post created & posted by @rparker that should guide you & is quite helpful for seeking payment for professional services successfully provided: