Non Payment Signing Services

Here are the signing services that have not paid me

Kelley’s Mobile Service January 2022
Zip Notary Service June 2022
123 StampIt June 2023
Executive Signing Services March 2023
Signature Line Notary June 2023
XLS April 2023
JMA Outreach one in March and One in April 2023

I suggest you avoid these services

Frank Quinn


@frankbquinn Thank You for sharing your direct experience. This information will prove to be helpful for all Notary Cafe members.

Sorry to read about multiple Signing Services [SSs] that have chosen not to pay for professional services successfully provided.


In case you may find this information helpful, here is a post regarding actions you can take for collection of the long overdue funds:


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I’ve never heard of any of them except JMA and they are a third-party arbitrator That one is legit and I would do a little more due diligence to try to collect your fee.

Kelley’s Mobile Services also never paid me from May 2023, for performing an I9 service for them.

Send a copy of your request for payment to Fidelity Title. They are so concerned about the notary let them know about the signing services nonpayment or slow pay. Also send a request to the Title Company they were the one’s who hired the signing service. Next send an invoice to the client letting them know that you haven’t been paid. You are the only person they probably had direct contact with. This can be done with one email addressed to the signing service and cc: everyone else. Don’t forget they have to get the same approval from the Secretary of State so include them.
You will get their attention they don’t want the heat this can bring down on them.

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Opal Group won’t pay me unless I use paypal, zelle etc. They say they don’t have checks. They won’t send a money order either. I refuse to use paypal or zelle etc. So I go unpaid. Maybe I should tell them to send cash.

Or tell them you want to be paid at the table in full. “So I guess I go unpaid”??? Oh heck no!!!

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Did they tell you what their payment procedure was when they contracted with you? If not, then you have a right to demand payment in a form that you can access. Let them know that you will file in small claims court for your payment if they don’t comply to your demands, and maybe file with another state agency. There are times, as a business owner, that we have to be the aggressive collector.

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frank please double check their billing instructions to make sure you followed them

and call the title company or Bank you signed for. obviously not the signing company
they aren’t going to like hearing about a company who gets paid and doesn’t pay you
You should let them all know that’s what u intend to do
if u have the docs yet u can find the title com info on the closing docs
or call ur signers for the info
they may still have it as they were dealing with the loan officer or title company directly

good luck

Hi not sure on the others but for JMA send them an invoice with reference number, name of signer, date of signing completed, property address, fedex tracking number and amount owed to
Make sure you have a return address because they send paper checks to address on invoice.

I have recently did a signing for them (the Opal Group) and I was paid within 15 -20 days using the square app payment option. Although I did have to send a few reminders as I was informed payment would take 5 to 10 days after signing. Which with using the square app I was able to invoice them from there also and it sent out reminders automatically if they didn’t reach the payment deadline. Not sure if that’s something you would be interested in, but they can send it to that account directly and so far square has been easy going aside from those other types of payment options.

My background is in business to business collections, just fyi.

The biggest problem I see is not having the correct contact info to get paid, understand the company’s payment terms, and persistence.

123stampit, send them an invoice to the, I also contact the phone number on the order if I get no response.

XLS PRO - Do you mean XPLSPRO? If so, I had to get the client that hired them involved. Do not let them pay you through PayPal, they have some payment policies that are designed to put you off as long as possible.

Before giving up, Google each service, find contact information. If necessary send them a registered letter.

We as notaries are a powerful group together, letting others know that we are having issues with payment is a very good thing. Perhaps someone can provide some insight as to who was contacted for payment, or payment terms. How difficult it was to get paid.

I don’t know what kind of invoicing you do, but I do recommend a way to send invoices that gives you the ability to know when the invoice has been viewed.

Carol Spencer
Jasper Business Services

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