Non-Payment - Title Team (Orlando FL)

For the first time I am having issues getting payment for my services. I did 2 signings back to back for Title Team back in June and have yet to receive my payment. I have called and sent reminder emails numerous times and did not received any response until last month when I was told accounting messed up and my check would be put into the mail the next day. Of course that check never arrived. So infuriating. I know these situations tend to occur with signing services but has anyone ever experienced Title not paying?

YES! Sale Signings, who I’ve been working with for years, just bounced a check and won’t respond to my emails. That’s actually why I’m checking forums tonight.


@juanitaheard & @nunnallynotaryservices Sorry to read about your payment difficulties . . .

In case it may be helpful, here is a thread that has insightful & successful steps to follow for achieving payment by @rparker =>


Thank you! I will look into this information.

That sucks…Hopefully we’ll both be paid what we are due sooner rather than later.