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I have finally decided I am throwing in the towel. This has not been a profitable adventure for me. I don’t know if it’s area that is saturated with notaries or what but even when the closings where booming I had no business. I have been in this business for over 1year, and I done just 3 closings and never got paid until 3 months later.
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Just reading your reply, I want to ask that you please not give up. If you find that the field Notary/Loan Signing Services, is getting low in your area, have you thought about diversifying your services? Remote Online Notary Services, Notary Permit Runner, Photo Inspection? I just wanted to at the very least offer some suggestions to you before you have made that a definite decision.


Thanks for responding,
I have checked the traffic to my website, and I had over 200 visitors and not one call from google my business either. I am having someone checking the sites to see what is wrong, but I feel that I have listed on both paid free listing with different agencies and had no business this is not where my luck is.
I have my certificate in RON also but from what’s happening I have not pursued that area
I am just discouraged. The 3 signings I did it took me 3 months to collect.

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Hi yes it’s sad that it took that long for you to get paid! I’m not asking who/what company, obviously it was a slow payer!! They do that to new CNSA’S who are anxious to get their first!! You get a large package and a little pay or slow pay or no pay!!! Vulchers!! You are still a commissioned Notary Public, that is valuable and marketable! Weight your options when its time to recertify!!

It’s the “recession” we are in. With interest rising why would anyone refinance? The past few years, I saw people refinance at an interest as low as 1.25%. I don’t know what state you are in, but in California home values are declining. Since the beginning of this year my business has gone down each month. Prior years I had as many as 70 closings or more a month. In October, I had 3 signings. This month I’ve I had 6 so far.

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My notary closings are pretty much non existant too. I am also a mostly retired real estate broker. For years, first staring with the last foreclosure height. I have done valuations for banks. Doesnt pay real well, but not very hard and keeps me informed on area value changes. Recently, i have had,a huge increase in those orders. Most are for refis. I mostly do drive bys. I waa trying to figure out why this uptick in refis was not resulting in more notary orders. After talking to one of the banks i get the most orders from, i came to the conclusion that most are closing at title companies. Because the home purchasing volume is down 75% over years past, title companies have been slimming down and may have the personnel to do these closings there. This, along with fewer covid restrictions. We were willing to risk exposure when people did not want to leave their homes and now we are not needed as much

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I’m so sorry to hear that you are having the same issues as me! I’ve been commissioned for over a year, I have spent thousands on trainings, ads, equipment and supplies. No customers at all for loan signing since June or July. I have taken classes for Apostilles, not one call. Spent money on Google and Yelp ads, nothing from Google, but two calls from Yelp for fingerprinting. Try other income streams. I I got ordained, I &have one wedding coming up in June. I signed up for Field Inspections, but the offers that I’ve been getting from Trendsource and others are downright insulting! $8, $10 $17! They offer $65, $85, but the jobs are 50+ miles from me one way!
I totally understand how you feel, I had the same thoughts. I prayed about it, and I am still hanging in there. My dream has been to be an entrepreneur, so I’m sticking with it. You have to do what’s best for you. I’m going to keep you in my prayers. Best wishes to you!


Can you please explain what is a notary permit runner ??

Good Morning, it’s 5:30 am CST when i just got your response. A Notary Permit Runner is a Notary whom is called to run and sign permits for construction, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and etc. contractors. Pros: They are paid once the job is complete, which is usually same day, can make up to hundreds of dollars a day, once you are in you would have consistent business. Cons: Wait time at the county permit office, especially if you’re starting out. Where to get this work? Start off with construction unions, home builders etc, I promise you they have construction going on and they dont have time to wait in a county permit office but the pay is good. I hope this answers the question. Have a great rest of your Holiday weekend.

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Hereis a link to the video i’ve just watched about this Notary Permit Runner

Not trying to encourage your leaving the loan signing business, but what are the specifics of your printer? How many pages can it scan at a time? Thank you

That depends on the signing service you receive closings from. You have to look at the pay schedules. A lot of companies pay out 30 days but alot also pay out 45 business days, excluding Sundays and holidays.

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Hello, I am a Notary Public in the state of California. Look, this business is a Nitch business. You are going to have to reinvent yourself many times over, until you can build your own clientele. I have had many different clients return to me, just because of the service that I have provided for them in the past. I suggest to you, 1- become a Loan Signing Agent (if you are not one already) 2- Become a Bond Agent. 3- offer Immigration services 4- get your Livescan certification. My nest step that I am going to do, is become an Immigration consultant, this is a service that I want to provide to my people along with Life insurance. I hope that this has been of some inspiration for you to continue this business. If there is anything else that I can talk to you about, please let me know I am here for anyone who wants to talk. Think of it this way:
If let this business fall, what happens to your next business venture? would you quit that business just because it slowed down? DON’T QUIT, REINVENT.

Yes…the Reality is that Home Prices have Soared & Mortgage Interest Rates in the 5% area have unfortunately had a Negative effect on the Real Estate Industry as a whole…was close to 6! I assume some areas of the Country could/are doing well. Here on the Emerald Coast of NW Florida us NSA’s have been Slow for over a year now…Yes I concur, We have to Brainstorm and find relevant work to try and stay busy! Best Wishes & Happy Holidays!

I don’t think you’re considering supply and demand and saturation and self respect in your response. I don’t think it’s fair to have to do a million different things just to get by and make it and I don’t think it’s fair to place yourself in the speedy salesman role and salesman pitch.

As usual, borunda writes non-sequiturs galore. What in the world does “fairness” have to do with MrCitywide’s comments? What is unfair? Having to do more than one job (“a million things”) as you put it? Notary work is in rapid decline and most “Notes” (thanks JohnFLA) find it not only appropriate, but actually necessary to find other means of making a living. Nothing “unfair” about that.