Notaries 24-7 Inc

I did a signing for Notaries 24-7 Inc. on 11/2/16 and they have not paid me.

I contacted them via their phone number (it’s actually disconnected) and their website gives a bounce back.

I contacted them through SnapDocs and she replied:

Lauren Chavez Jan 23, 2017 at 4:14pm
I’ll send this over to our billing department. They should be able to send a check out to you tomorrow. The “hold” just means that the lender has yet to pay us for the application.

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I have worked with this company for several years with no problems. I did a signing on 11/30 and received my check on 12/1. No issues with phone numbers. There is another company called Notarize247. Are you confusing the two?


What they are doing is holding your fee hostage until they are paid. Unacceptable. Send an email and let them know you are contacting lender and title. Also let them know that if you are not paid within __days, you intend to use the courier label and send a copy of your invoice to title every 3 days until paid. This will usually shake a response out of the tree.

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I have the correct company. They are based out of Orange, CA.

I actually received payment in the mail last night 1/27/2017! Thank goodness :slight_smile:

I work with this company and have for years. No issues at all.

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I have worked for them for years also…once you fill your 6 week pipeline with them they are prompt to pay and they are always available for questions! I get 7-10 signings a week from them. Love them!!

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I have worked for them for years also…once you fill your 6 week pipeline with them they are prompt to pay and they are always available for questions! I get 6-8 signings a week from them. Love them and their staff!!

Alisa Hamilton

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Notarize 24-7 is not based in Orange!!


A good company. They pay as promised. My only gripe is that for every single signing you do for them you have to complete a ton of miscellaneous title affidavits, name affidavits, ID affidavit, etc. I’m in CA so I have to add the correct jurats and acks for each one. And you have to fill out forms with all your notary information ( commission #, E & O amount, policy #, etc) for every single order. You would think that when you give it to them once they would have it on file. Very annoying and time consuming.


Reading this post makes a bit concerned as I did an assignment for Notarize247
9/30/20 and they contacted me by phone and said they found my profile on NotaryCafe. The docs were uploaded through my profile on NotaryCafe I printed them and when I completed the assignment all the information for Notarize247 and borrowers info was gone. I am starting to get concerned for that reason. I do have all the info on my email plus the Title and escrow officer which is Mountain View. I am sending them an email and contacting them today.

How long did it take Notarize247 to pay you?

I received a lead rom Notary 24-7.

The text said $80.00 with no other information. When I check the file at snapdoc, it was 185 pages. I IMMEDIATELY asked for MORE MONEY because ink, papers, and my time is not CHEAP.

They increased to $100.00 and I still was not feeling it. Some guy Garrett Mitcheltree explained some of the page was information for the client to keep. Like that had anything to do with my statement.

185 pages do not equal $100.00.

I respectfully explain this issue and he immediately remove me for the singing.

I’m goo with him decision. If he cancel because I demand a fair price, I will NEVER work for this company.

He showed the ethics of the company in that short conversation.

It’s for this reason why I’m only dealing direct from the point on. NO MORE MIDDLE MAN.

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Then let them email that info to the client and not make you print it…or was that 185 pages both package to be signed AND borrowers’ copy?

yes I just did a signing for Notarize 24/7 and you are correct as soon a I submitted complete all disappeared.

I could not find a number for them at all

Also, Louisiana is not supposed to provide any witnesses. Does anyone have issues with this?