Notaries in Action

Hi, I have a question for the forum. Does anyone have an experience with Notaries in Action? I’m new to loan signing, but this organization added my credentials to Notary Dash and created an account with Notary Dash. Is this normal behavior for a signing company?



No. It is not. In general, you are requested to add your credentials to the billing or order system a client is using.

I accepted an assignment from this company for a lawsuit settlement for person who clearly does not want to be found. They have not paid me and had the audacity to send out another request for the same lawsuit. When I texted and asked about payment, I was told they were processing payments to be sent out 2 weeks ago. Still nothing.


same experience here

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This is tied to Notary Dash and Prestige Notaries. Jennifer Garland owns this. I’ve completed two of these assignments so far. The first client was easy to get a hold of and the second one must be in the Witness Protection Program because no one can find them. This is the first time I’ve ever worked with Jennifer, but I hear nothing but good things about her. I do know she was having issues with the Deluxe (I think?) system and she posted about it in a FB group. She had to re-issue numerous checks and she did apologize for it. Sometimes technology is the devil. :slight_smile:


I accepted a job to “go find” a person involved in a class action, not unusual - found the apt. empty, but the person did return my call and said he was not interested in going any further with that firm. I don’t know what happened, but 3 days later, I get another exact request from another “Notaries In Action” Hmmm, what’s going on? Who are they? You can’t reach any of them, Notary Dash, Prestige, or Coast2Coast. And they’re putting out the LOAN SIGNINGS, RE-FI’s at $30!!!

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Yes, I have had the same experience as well. The address was wrong, they I took the initial door knock and I can’t seem to get any payment from them.

I have emailed her and called her several times. She does not return calls for accounts that have not been paid.

The same thing happened to me Brain. I did get paid for the first contract , but waiting on the second payment.

Happen to me, I texted Jennifer and was told the 15th, is when I should see results. You also, have to send an invoice to get paid is my understanding. After, that it should take 30days.

do you know the email address to which you send an invoice, The first couple of jobs I did for them with these lawsuits they paid after a month, but now I guess I have to invoice them. Please advise.

I suppose we are all in the same situation here. I am embarrassed to say how many door knocks alone I did within one week. It is stated for those no invoicing is needed, however, I am about to write an invoice.for 25 assignments all performed the first week of September, net 37 is what they state- this past Friday was 40 since my first completed assignment. 2 of those were for C2C and 1 for Prestige. I invoiced Prestige on Sept. 20 (that was the only one which stated an invoice was needed)
Yes I did get experience and got to meet many people, however my family did not have me for many of the afternoon and evening hours and my car drank up a lot of gas…
whose fault? I suppose my own for taking on so much in that week…
Live and learn?

Interesting, they told me I didn’t have to send one, and now I’m looking for payment as well. Where did you get Jennifer’s contact info to text her?

Google her - she also owns Prestige Notaries and Shasta Signings…

I was here lurking for days to see if they pay. I did a lot of work for them in September. Well I got my answer today. I got paid for 14 of them all at once. I did not send any invoice and some of them have not reached 30 days.

same I just got paid too! relief

same. I did the order on 9/19/2021 and we are in November 1,2021 and still nothing. I left a text lets see if she response. I will trying calling again, and emailing them.

Same thing for me. They don’t want to pay me

Do they have a website of their own? Or is Notary Dash sending out these assignments?


Hi, I took an assignment from them, but it turned out to be a BIG mistake! Once I said I was available for the signing they sent the details to me. But it wasn’t a real notary signing, they wanted me to sell on behalf of a law firm involved with a class-action lawsuit and pay me if I was successful. Their contact information was no good, none of the telephone numbers led to the client. I could not confirm an appointment. I texted and emailed this information to them. They wanted me to go to the address and door nock. If unsuccessful, they want me to go back to the address a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time. When I wrote back to them, both text (as they requested, “no phone calls”) and email, they do not respond. I texted and emailed my message that I have no interest in this project and that I have closed the file on it. I have tried to contact them many times now. I keep getting emails from them complaining about the lack of movement on this file. They say they are embarrassed.

I am the one who should be embarrassed for falling for such a con job like this.