offering $25 Signings?

Colorado has recently passed SB 20-096, but has also decided to offer signing agents $25 an appointment because their platform is free. Guess you get what you pay for. Wondering about the quality of Signing Agent that would accept one eighth the fee despite the data expense shadowing the travel and print combined? When I reached out to support I was transferred to support, wanna see how that turned out?

From what I’ve read elsewhere, the notary is only notarizing the security instrument (Mortgage, Deed of Trust, etc) - and you’re notarizing online - RON - you’re not doing the whole signing, no printing, no travel…

With the sudden push toward online notarizations, don’t be surprised to see this happening more and more; your business atmosphere is going to change drastically from what you’re used to or what you were told it would be like.

SHARE THIS INFORMATION—As notaries we are technically agents/special employees of the United States government for the Department of State, and we are dealing with multi national corporations, who aren’t necessarily even owned by companies or corporations or individuals within the United States. We are dealing with foreign agents — ultimately the bankers. The banks having charter to operate within the United States must conform to US code and code of federal regulations, as well as trusts and treaties and uniform commercial code. Technically, I think that makes us counsel/foreign counsel by definition. Department of State helps to streamline commerce between Nations and States. Regardless, it behooves us all to follow US code and CFR code of federal regulations Which has already made provision of Fees for our services—within both the “PRIVATE” and “COMMERCIAL” realms.

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Yeah okay - nice try - but come back down to earth - we are not agents/special employees of the United States Government for the Department of State…nor are we counsel/foreign counsel by definition.

We are public officials appointed by our respective state’s Secretary of State - and we follow the laws of our states as they pertain to notaries.



So, can I be a Signing Ambassador? :joy:

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I’m having new business cards printed! Notary Public, Mobile Notary, Notary Signing Agent, Electronic Notary, Remote Online Notary, US Counsel/Foreign Counsel.

I may have to wrap my titles onto the back!

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I’m kind of looking forward to the days when I can roll out of bed, brush my hair, pull on a nice blouse, fire up the PC and start meetings. 15 minute increments… no printing or travel costs… no need to pay for dry cleaning or get out the iron… car can stay in the garage… keep my fuzzy slippers on all day. I expect we will see an influx of new signing opportunities as signing companies vie for portions of the GNW market they’ve ignored up to now.

Hey, Starbucks is offering several different backgrounds you can use when doing online signings… free of charge! So no need to shuffle things around behind my PC or turn my desk so my back is to a blank wall. Out here, Starbucks has become a ubiquitous business meeting location, generally accepted. I think I’ll use the International Cafe background.

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Awesome! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

But…would you do a full signing for $25? Even though you never left home?

Of course not. But then, no one is suggesting I do so.

Judging by experience with Hybrid signings, the signers will have been required to preview and electronically sign their closing documents prior to their RON appointment. I expect to be identifying them, doing my electronic journal entry, watching them sign a document, reviewing their signatures, then affixing my electronic stamp before moving on to the next document. I will provide the same quick description of the documents I do now.

However, remember - they will have been REQUIRED to have completed 90% of the signing before I sign on. All those issues about… “Hey, this isn’t the amount I was quoted!” or “Wait, I was told I wouldn’t have to make a payment until…” or “That’s not the payment I was told I’d be making!” will have been addressed. No delays while I call a loan officer and wait… and wait… and wait on hold. No at-the-table cancellations.

The previous discussion referenced $25 for a single document signing. For signings that require additional notarial acts - and you know they will - I intend to charge a negotiated total. Not sure yet what that total will be. Market pressure will play a big part.

Well, I was going to hold off doing any RON! But the title company called and asked if I would like to add E-Closing! I said, “Well, I am Pavaso E-notary Certified but I’ve decided not to do it because they want an annual fee to use it. I also heard the fee is low! And he said, we will pay you the same rate as your current fee schedule now. I said, ok if it’s the same fee, Yes I’m interested. Just tell me what I need to do:)“. I just received an email from Skillo to get stated:). I will try to login later this week to start the process! Looks like if you’re invited to do it with the Title Co, you don’t need to pay annual fee to the e-closing software company! :pray:

I’ve been told that for RON, an NSA will access the video signing via the host’s portal. Yay!

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:raised_hands:Yes via the title’s co portal. We don’t have to pay annual fee to places like Pavaso. :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:
Heck, if I get paid good money, no traveling, no printing, of course I’m going do it! :grin:

I would not do anything for $25.
Previous posters are stating that there are only a few pages to be notarized, that depends on the type of loan documents. Here in New York we are authorized for Remote Notary Guidance, I follow very good safety protocol and still prefer to meet in person as my official seal and autograph can neither be duplicated or forged. I’ve been receiving assignments for coast to coast offering $30 for a package of anywhere from 11 to 35 pages.
Even with the remote online notarization the issue is having the document signed by the borrower, they email the signed documents to the NSA who then prints them out and sends them back to the borrowers with the notarization intact. Whatever happened to a wet ink signature and an embossier??? One thing I do know is that bankers like bankable paper. If the bank wants the actual seals in the physical signatures that would require the borrowers to mail ASAP —The original signed documents for the affixation of the actual notary seal and the embosser, or have the notary public pick them up to get the original documents, and then fix the actual Notary‘s signature and seal to the original documents attached to the faxed documents and mail it to the lenders or escrow officer, etc. This sounds like a convoluted process and requiring much more time than 25 or $35 can buy. At least that’s my opinion

Not a know it all (which was a totally unnecessary statement, btw) - but I’m also not

“:Third-Party-Witness :Acceptor :Presentor :Custodian-of-Record. :Foreign-Consul-Rodriguez-Castro-Nation and the :Unity-States of America.”

I’m a notary public for the State of Florida…period. And please explain - what is the Unity-States of America…

Don’t know who you are but I know I’m lending very little credence to your words after seeing this.


May I ask what title company that is?