Notarize in violation of CA Gov code section 8227.1

CA Notaries! It has come to my attention that Notarize is in blatant violation of CA Gov Code Section 8227.1. I and other notaries have noticed that they are advertising in CA on google and youtube. Please write, email and call Xavier Baccera, the CA Atty General and ask him to open an investigation immediately.

Going to post here what I posted in response on the other site:

"Sorry, but I think this is a bit of a reach

What you’re saying is a notary in any other state cannot notarize anything destined to be used in CA…and that’s just not so - in fact, that is federally regulated - all states must recognize notarizations done in other states -

I’m against this whole RON deal…but the laws as they’re written put venue at the site of the remote notary - and as long as that notary is duly commissioned in that state (at that venue) it’s legal and they are not subject to CA notary regulation.


Hi Linda,

No, that’s not at all what I’m saying. Please review CA Gov Code section 8227.1

Please dumb down the violations. “Don’t yell fire or shooter in a crowded movie theater or something like that & create panic”
It not responsible to scare notaries, who are scared down enough.
If you have taken time to sound out a warning !! please read , and dumb it down as “your personal opinion”

Matt please read this:

Federal Rules of Evidence ›

Jody - since you’re reply is linked to my post - what section are you referring to? Please cite the number so we can all read the pertinent part you’re referring to.


It shall be a misdemeanor for any person who is not a duly commissioned, qualified, and acting notary public for the State of California to do any of the following:

(a) Represent or hold himself or herself out to the public or to any person as being entitled to act as a notary public.

(b) Assume, use or advertise the title of notary public in such a manner as to convey the impression that the person is a notary public.

© Purport to act as a notary public.